59 Chinese apps ban: China’s loss is India’s gain

Ban 59 Chinese apps: The move to ban 59 Chinese apps has proved to be a boon for Indian apps as they continue to boom in downloads. Late Monday, Sumit Ghosh, founder of India’s famous video-sharing platform Chingari, tweeted, 100,000 downloads per hour, people please be patient! We’re working on the server and getting things up and running asap!

Best Chinese apps Ban China's loss is India's gain
Best Chinese apps Ban China’s loss is India’s gain

This was the day India gave a strike digital strike – this is exactly what Union Minister of India Ravi Shankar Prasad did to China by banning 59 Chinese apps. The government argued that these apps were “precursors to India’s sovereignty and integrity, defence of India, the security of the state and public order”.

Ghosh and his team were not prepared for the sudden surge in downloads and the reason for the rush was that one of the apps that were being banned is another popular video-sharing platform Tick Talk.

The app downloaded 3.5 million in less than 48 hours after the government, which has come against the backdrop of ongoing tensions between Indian and Chinese troops on the Indo-Tibet border in Ladakh. (59 Chinese apps ban: China’s loss is India’s gain)

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Some of these apps such as TickTalk, WeChat and CamScanner enjoy millions of active users per month in India, banning these apps has brought Indian apps to the headlines. These Indian apps have seen an increase in downloads since the ban. Needless to say that banning these apps and even using the Indian app resonates with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s har Aatmanibhar Bharat call.

App-solute gainers

Spark is not the only app that has been acquired. Bengaluru-based two-month-old Mitrone, a small video platform, is being rolled out as an alternative to the popular Tik Tok and is already seeing a steady increase, a stellar increase after Chinese apps ban download Was seen “Ever since the Indian government announced a ban on several Chinese apps, daily traffic has increased 11-fold, which is beyond all our expectations,” said Mithron founder and CEO (CEO) Shivank Aggarwal.

The app took 70 days to cross the 10 million milestone without any marketing. However, in the last three days, the total download of the app has doubled. Currently, Mitron has 22 million downloads.

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The app has recently raised INR 2 crores from venture capital firm 3one4 Capital and Arun Tadanki’s private syndicate LetsVenture as part of their round-up. Mitron’s team wants to invest the fund to appoint engineers to scale the app.

“In parallel, we are deeply involved with a wide network of Indian content creators, which will provide our users with unique content with Indian users,” said Agarwal.

 59 Chinese apps ban: China's loss is India's gain
59 Chinese apps ban: China’s loss is India’s gain

Lifestyle community commerce platform Trail has seen a huge jump in app downloads. The app has seen a 25-fold growth in the last one year.

“We have done over 3.5 million downloads since Monday (Monday), and it is growing rapidly every hour. This was an unprecedented move that has really helped Indian startups like us. More than 260,000 new creators joined us in less than 24 hours and when we reached them.

They tell us that they will stick to using our homegrown app, as sentimentality has completely changed and they trust us to deliver quality Indian audiences and engagement, ”Pulkit Agarwal, Co-Founder, Trail said.

The app will also launch several new features and tools such as ‘Talk Talk Hosting’, ‘Maker Reaction Maker’, as it will help creators gain more traction and create new meaningful content that will help them earn a sustainable income.

According to Chingari’s Ghosh, the app has received more than 11 million users in the last 22 days and wants to reach 100 million by the end of July.

Bolo India, an Indian video app for short videos, got more than 250,000 installed within 48 hours of the ban. Bolo India co-founder Varun Saxena said in a press statement that there was a huge surge in users in the first 24 hours of the ban.

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An increase in download numbers on gaming apps was also noticed. Pocket 52, a de facto money poker app, saw a significant increase in the number of downloads following the ban of Chinese apps.

We have been growing at a rate of 25 percent month-on-month for the last five months. Due to the app restriction, we have seen a steady increase in month-on-month traffic in July, and are expected to grow at a 35 percent month-over-month rate.

Another Indian e-sports platform – Rutgers agreed that the ban has helped them bring in more numbers in terms of downloads. “Since the Chinese app ban, we have seen tremendous growth on our platform.

The number of new users joining has increased 15-fold and we expect to ship 1 million users over the next 10 days. Overall our Has 3 million downloads. ” App while over 5 million unique users have used our product on the web, ”said Piyush Kumar, CEO and Founder, Rutgers. (59 Chinese apps ban: China’s loss is India’s gain)

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