ADHD Startups are Popping up with New Startups, and there’s even a browser for it.

ADHD startups: Did it have to do with the pandemic? Did everyone take excessive ADHD TikTokers? Are smartphones killing our brains? In any case, it’s clear that there’s an increase in ADHD technology solutions, including online delivery of drugs to apps and websites.

There’s certainly something happening in the world. The number of ADHD-afflicted adults was between 139.84 million to 366.33 million of ADHD-affected adults by 2020 globally. Adults suffering from ADHD suffer on average 22 days of productive time every year. In the period 2003-2011, the US saw an increase of 42% in the number of children with ADHD diagnoses. The mental health field (of which ADHD is one) was booming in the last few years. Venture capitalists invested $1.4 billion in the European mental health market in 2021, based on Dealroom information, however, the investment fell to just 354 million in 2017 because VCs were able to take off in the economic downturn, more broadly.

There is plenty of activities. The London-based HelloSelf connects patients to licensed therapists and addresses the spectrum of mental health issues such as ADHD. Based in New York, Inflow, an app that claims to help users better manage ADHD by providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that is based on support, was able to raise an amount of $11 million in Series A funding that was led by Octopus Ventures. Centered is a desktop application that provides AI voice coach to help ADHD sufferers focus, (with Pomodoro timers, calendaring, etc.) as well as “Buddy Sessions” between users and productivity as well as ADHD coaches. A Ukrainian-owned company Numo has developed an app designed for adults suffering from ADHD which allows you to play with daily tasks and provides assistance.

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Healios has raised the funds in a PS7 million ($9.9M) Series A round to broaden its reach to the UK.

There’s an app called Sidekick that claims that it’s a “productivity browsing tool”. It’s currently launching a variety of features targeted at ADHD sufferers as well as those who are diverted more broadly.

Sidekick was one of the Sidekick was Y Combinator cohort members, and in the month of March 2021, they raised $2 million in an investment which was led by Kleiner Perkins.

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The company claims that people with ADHD experienced “significant improvement” following the use of the browser. The browser was developed in the year 2000 by Dmitry Pushkarev (a Stanford Ph.D. in Molecular Biology), ex-Amazon executive, and ADHD sufferer)

How does it work ADHD Startups?

To block distracting elements, it comes with AdBlock 2.0 with the Focus Mode Timer blocks all sounds, badges, or notifications until a specified duration of time or for an indefinite period the Task Manager manages your work schedule. There’s also an integrated Pomodoro timer. It also claims to be 3 times quicker than Chrome and, according to the company is crucial to ADHD sufferers. In conclusion, it’s got a lot of other features to reduce distractions However, I’m not going to list the features in this article.

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CEO and CEO and Dmitry Pushkarev said, in an announcement “Modern browsers have not been designed to work, but instead to consume websites. This gap is really affecting millions of people. We believe that reducing internet distraction can reduce anxiety and enhances the quality of work and life.”

The startup’s founder says it will earn revenue through corporate customers, who contribute to getting their employees with ADHD into more productive work.

For Sidekick, there are lots of rivals in the space of browsers that draw attention such as Arc, Brave, and Vivaldi.

In all honesty, the focus of Sidekick (geddit?) to ADHD might help it win an appealing market, especially due to the widespread epidemic among ADHD sufferers.

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