The FAU-G recreation review after playing the FAU-G game ie Fearless and United Guards has finally been launched. This battle game has been launched on 26 January on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day.

Gamers have been waiting for this game for the past several months. Millions of gamers had pre-registered for the game before its launch and after the launch there was a competition to download the game.

FAU-G received a 3.6 star FAU-G recreation

the review after playing the FAU-G game
What did folks write within the evaluate after enjoying the FAU-G recreatioN

The game was pre-registered by more than 5 million people before its launch and has now been downloaded more than three million times in the last 24 hours. In such a situation, this game is currently rated 3.6. Most users have given a 5 star rating, but after that the number of people who have given this game 1 star is the second most.

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What did the 1 star giver say after review after playing the FAU-G game?

While reviewing this game, most of the users have praised the game and the developers but at the same time they have given feedback to improve the game and add many new things.

A user named Udit Chauhan, giving the game 1 star, wrote in the review that, “This game needs a lot of improvement right now. There is only one soldier in this game, which is constantly deteriorating.

Gamers advice after review after playing the FAU-G game

That one soldier has to fight a lot of enemies and has only one ax to fight. The soldier does not have any gun nor can he do any other activity. Only one soldier is fighting 20-25 enemies at a time. The story of this game is good but at the moment, it needs a lot of improvement “.

The company responded to the review after playing the FAU-G game

In response to Udit Chauhan’s feedback, nCores, the company that created the game, said, “We are working to add more content to this game and improve it. We hope you like future updates.” Will”.

What did the 4 star giver say after review after playing the FAU-G game

Apart from this, a user named Benadata Pal gave the game 4 stars, saying, “This game is very good. Even in low graphics, the game is providing a great experience.

I liked it but it has many other things Also, if our soldier needs to regenerate his health, then he needs to heat fire and for that, he has to run far enough away. So that will be good enough. There is a need to add some more content to this game of the company.

FAU-G still needs improvement after review after playing the FAU-G game

Now after reading these two reviews, you must have understood how the condition of the FAU-G game is 24 hours after its launch.

One gamer above gave 1 star and wrote that the game is good but needs improvement and another gamer gave 4 stars and wrote that the game is good but needs to add a bit more content to it. So, it has been understood from this that this game is not for the time being to compete against PUBG

New content and features will be added soon: nCores

Let us tell you that three modes have been included in this game but only one mode has been launched at the moment. Coming Soon is seen written for the remaining two modes. However, gamers hope that many improvements will be made in this game very soon and many new contents will also be added.

In this case, this game can be much better in the coming times. Let us tell you that this game can only be downloaded for Android smartphone users at the moment, but in the coming time, this game will be made available for iPhone users as well.


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