After Winning a $40,000 Auction, Watch MKBHD Unbox a Brand-new, Unopened iPhone [Video]

A few first-generation iPhones that were still sealed have gone up for auction in recent months. One such item sold for a record-breaking $63,000 in February. A sealed original iPhone with a “Lucky You” label on the packaging sold for $40,320 at a subsequent auction in April.

It turns out that Marques Brownlee, owner of MKBHD, was the buyer.

Marques claims that he paid $40,320 for the unopened first iPhone earlier this month in a new video that was published today. This was actually below the auction house’s minimum bid, which ranged from $40,000 to $60,000.

After Winning a $40,000 Auction, Watch MKBHD Unbox a Brand-new, Unopened iPhone [Video]

As Marques opens the shrink wrap and unpacks the iPhone and its accessories, precisely as a customer would have done in 2007, the movie is a lovely trip down memory lane. You also get to view the original manuals, the 30-pin charging station that came with it, the “iPhone”-embossed cleaning cloth, and more.

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According to Marques, numerous customers have been duped into buying “sealed” original iPhones that were actually repackaged and resealed secondhand smartphones in the past. But MKBHD thinks that this one is the real deal after opening the iPhone and conducting the further study.

Marques claims on Twitter that he has confirmation from Apple that the “Lucky You” sticker was “used by some Apple retail stores back in 2007, sometimes around gift purchases.” This “Lucky You” sticker was the subject of a 9to5Mac article from 2021.

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