Apple has Just Made a Change to iPhone Trade-in Values.

iPhone trade-in values: The older model of iPhone you’ve been keeping is now a bit more valuable, at the very least to Apple’s eyes. This could lower the price of the future iPhone acquisition if hoping to buy one of the most desirable iPhones any time soon.

Apple has adjusted the value of trade-ins for older iPhones and the amount of credit that the company will offer has risen. This reverses the trend of the previous two occasions Apple altered its trade-in rate and saw iPhone values falling in November and the following month in January.

The prices for the new models are far from the amount Apple was willing to offer in the latter half of 2022 However, at least you will get more in return for the older iPhone when you purchase an updated version directly through Apple.

Apple has just made a change to iPhone trade-in values.

Particularly, the amount Apple will pay is now $570 to $600. That’s the current trade-in value to the iPhone 13 Pro Max in good condition. The value of trade-ins on an iPhone 13 Pro has also increased, and Apple is still paying $350 and $400 to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, respectively.

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The only model from the past that has seen its value rise was an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is now worth $420. In the past, the value of trade-ins maxed at $400. Other iPhone models will have the same value Apple has set for the bulk of 2023.

Apple hasn’t provided a reason for raising the trade-in value on certain models, but the revenue for phones dropped by 8 percent during the period of holiday sales, Apple might be planning to increase iPhone 14 sales heading into the spring. The Pro models had experienced supply shortages in the period between Christmas and New Year’s that Apple has now resolved thus the higher value of trade-ins could be aimed towards getting additional iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models particularly to clear stock in advance of an iPhone 15 launch this fall.

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No matter the cause, a greater value of trade-ins gives you the chance to buy a brand-new iPhone for less in the Apple online store. This gives bargain-hunters looking at iPhone 14 deals another option in case they aren’t interested in the offerings of wireless carriers such as iPhone deals.

We’re currently recommending the iPhone 14 Pro Max for being the top iPhone that we have ever seen, and possibly one of the top smartphones all-in-all, but all model Apple released last fall promises amazing cameras, robust designs, and superior performance.

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The most important decision for anyone shopping for the latest iPhone is whether you should wait until autumn to check out what’s new in Apple’s latest models. Our iPhone 15 compares to the iPhone 14. iPhone 14 guide can give you the latest information on the rumored updates so far.

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