Apple is Allegedly Developing an AI Health Coach for the Apple Watch

AI Health Coach: Apple is working on an “AI-powered health coach” that can provide personalized guidance for improvement in diet, exercise, and sleep according to an Bloomberg report released on Tuesday.

People who claim to be aware of the issue have told the news site’s Apple Insider Mark Gurman that the new service — which is believed to be called Quartz — will utilize AI technology and the health data collected by Apple’s smartwatch in order to make the Apple health platform more valuable.

The AI-powered health assistant could require a monthly subscription, and may launch in 2024 Gurman suggested, however, he warned that Apple could alter its course at any moment and delay its launch or even end the program altogether.

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It is also more certain about Apple’s recent announcement that it will introduce its Health application to iPad this year, which is part of iOS 17’s launch in the autumn.

Apple is Allegedly Developing an AI Health Coach for the Apple Watch

The brand-new iPad Health app lets users view electrocardiogram data and other health information in a format that is larger than what is available on the iPhone according to Bloomberg.

“The hope is that an iPad version will boost the app’s popularity in healthcare settings, where tablets have already made inroads,” Gurman said in his article.

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Additionally, Apple is also believed to be working on a sort of emotion-tracking system to be integrated into the Health app. The initial version will let users enter their moods and answer questions regarding their day, before looking at the results over weeks, days, and even months. The next version could use algorithms to gauge the mood of a user based on spoken words, typing, or other information stored on the device of the user.

Apple’s fascination with health began in 2014 when it launched its own app and the release of the Apple Watch one year later offered new avenues for fitness and health tracking.

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In the past Apple has added new and more sophisticated Watch technology, which has paved the way for more Health features. Recent reports suggest an even bigger push from Apple into the realm of wellness and health.

Although the launch of iOS 17 is at least five months away, we’ll be able to see an early preview of the new operating system — which will include improvements to Health apps and Health applications during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which will begin on the 5th of June.

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