Apple will bring many new features with iOS 15!

Apple devices sharing experience will get better with this new software update from Apple.

Apple has officially introduced iOS 15. In line with the recent leaks, there have been many far-reaching improvements to iMessage and FaceTime. A new system-wide emphasis has been placed on sharing and communication. At the same time, more features related to privacy have also been added. Along with this, new ways to take advantage of on-device intelligence have also been given.

Apple will bring many new features with iOS 15!
Apple will bring many new features with iOS 15!

iOS 15 will be rolled out to iPhone 6 and later devices by the end of this year. The developer previews have already started and a public beta version will be launched next month. One feature that was not mentioned in the opening note of WWDC 2021 but was visible in the background slide is the Hindi language support in the iOS Quickpath Swipe keyboard.

New FaceTime features in iOS 15

Staying connected with loved ones in global lockdown and quarantine had become a challenging task. Apple says that it has made it easier with the help of the new FaceTime feature. Talking through FaceTime calls is now closer to reality experience. Users will now be able to take advantage of spatial audio as well. With the help of this feature, it will feel like two people are talking face to face while sitting in the same room. With the help of voice isolation, desired sound can be promoted by stopping unwanted sound.

During a video call, portrait mode blurs the background and keeps the focus on the person talking. FaceTime users will now be able to invite others by sending a link. In addition, screen sharing allows participants to share information within an app during group research.

SharePlay’s new feature gives the option to synchronize the video being watched or the audio being heard during a FaceTime call. Which can also be controlled by other users. Any media can also be played on Apple TV during FaceTime chat. Apps like Disney+, Hulu, HBOMax, TikTok, Masterclass, NBA, and Paramount+ are also working to incorporate SharePlay.

New iMessage Features in iOS 15

The iMessage feature in iOS 15 helps users quickly find articles, photos and other content shared in chat. You can save a shared playlist in Apple Music. Whereas shared photos can be automatically brought to the library. While filtering is done for screenshots and memes you don’t want to be saved.

New notifications and Focus features in iOS 15

Notifications have been given a new and fresh look and contact photos as well as large icons for apps. This makes it easier to identify apps. The new Notification Summary can be customized as per the convenience to prevent unwanted notifications from coming all the time. With this, users will not miss the messages sent by people because it is for those apps that keep sending updates from time to time.

With the Focus mode feature, you can work focused at any time of the day. For this, many types of focus modes have been given. Each focus mode can be linked to a dedicated home screen page that only shows compatible widgets and app icons to reduce distraction.

New Photos features in iOS 15

On-device intelligence will help detect live text and extract it from photos. You can capture information on a whiteboard or even handwritten notes. Photos in the library will also be automatically scanned.

Live Text will be able to understand 7 types of languages ​​including Chinese. On-device intelligence can also recognize objects and scenes such as dog breed, flower type, famous works of art, books, pets, landmarks, etc. Photo Memories can convert the pictures taken into a heartfelt movie. Users will be able to set their memories to the music of their choice from Apple Music. Memory videos can be created and edited instantly.

New Search features in iOS 15

In iOS 15, Spotlight is now searchable in photos as well as text in photos. Photos can be referenced by people, scenes, places, or elements. You can use it to find a picture of a specific receipt, handwritten note, recipe, or screenshot. Search also has rich new results for contacts that show call, text, FaceTime, and email shortcuts if they’ve been shared via Find My. There are also new good results for actors, musicians, TV shows and movies.

New Wallet, Maps, and Weather features in iOS 15

Apple Wallet will support ultra-wideband position-aware location so that users can unlock and drive their car without taking their iPhone out of the bag or pocket. You will also be able to unlock your home soon. Tap to enter hotels or offices that already have a range of partners on board for lock and access systems. By the end of the year, support for zero-contact access will be available in about 1000 Hyatt hotels. Which can be activated even before you reach it.

Apple Maps is getting an interactive globe that invites users to tap and explore. A new Night Time mode will show the moonlit region of the night. The granular details of the road have been entered so that the drivers can get a better idea of ​​the road conditions. Complex interchanges and intersections will be shown in 3D. Transit directions will help people find nearby stations and notify users when it is time to get off a train or bus. Maps can also help you with AR positioning and directions.

The Weather app is getting an update with new data and layouts that change based on conditions like rain or air quality, along with different graphics. The new graphics will help users understand wind, UV, and barometric pressure data. Fullscreen and high-resolution weather maps will also show temperature and air quality.

New iPadOS 15 features

iPadOS 15 has made many improvements to suit the bigger screen. Widgets can now be located along with app icons on all home screens. There are new widgets for Find My and Contacts. At the same time, a larger format has been given for Game Center, Apple TV, Photos and Files, etc. Multitasking is about to get easier now. In a new area called Shelf, Windows can now be minimized so that multiple Windows can be managed at the same time.

In Notes in iPadOS 15, you can now add other people with an @ to see what’s changing in shared notes. Hashtags can be used anywhere and referred to help find notes quickly. Systemwide Quick Notes can be created by swiping up from one corner of the iPad screen and capture information from an app such as Safari URLs, etc.

A Translate app is also provided in iPadOS 15 so that people can practice handwriting through Apple Pencil and work in Split View. Auto translate detects when you are speaking and in which language.

With the help of Swift Playgrounds, users will now be able to create iOS apps on the iPad. These can also be viewed by running and can also be submitted directly to the App Store.

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