Committee submits report on VVIP pomp and show in Jain’s Tihar Jail, shocking truths come to the fore

VVIP Treatment: It has also been mentioned in the report of the committee that the prisoner Rinku, who had given massage to Satyendar Jain, told the committee that he had not taken any training in giving massages or as a physiotherapist, but used to provide mares for weddings. The committee constituted in the Delhi Government … Read more

Gujarat Election: 60.23 percent voting in 19 districts, maximum voting in Narmada, read the condition of other districts

Gujarat Election: Out of the total 182 seats in Gujarat Legislative Assembly, voting was held in 89 seats under the first phase of elections. During this, the CEO of the state said that due to disturbances at various centers in the first three hours of voting, voting started a little late. In the first phase … Read more

Aftab used to beat Shraddha for not eating non-veg, revealed the biggest witness of the murder case

The Delhi Police has also marked the place where Aftab threw the weapon used in the Shraddha murder case. At present, that place has been kept confidential and the search operation is going on there. Shocking facts are coming out in the investigation of Shraddha Walker’s murder in Delhi. In a disclosure by the Delhi … Read more

Don’t be happy to see the bones and hear the story of the murderer in the Shraddha murder case, the picture and the court are yet to come!

Shraddha murder case: In the name of the investigation of the murder of Shraddha, the police are taking steps forward in silence, on the mercy of the suspected murderer. The media is breaking big news without opening the mouth of the police. Don’t be happy to see the bones being recovered and hear the story … Read more