Automobile specs defined: Widespread automotive phrases and what they imply

Some automobile specs simply make sense: “Eight airbags” means a automobile has eight airbags. However specs like torque, wheelbase and much more acquainted ones like horsepower and weight, are sometimes misunderstood by way of their relevance to the method of choosing a automobile to purchase. Too many automobile specs are means relatively than outcomes.

On this video I outline the specs mostly used within the advertising of vehicles, clarify what every one means, and inform you which of them you’ll be able to largely ignore. Spoiler alert: That is plenty of them.   

A dizzying array of specification numbers come up if you analysis a automobile. Not all of them should be understood as a lot as skilled.


I additionally deal with the lesser-known drawback with MPG scores, clarify the rising relevance of MPGe as electrical vehicles achieve acceptance, and point out the one spec that’s best to decipher and hardest to take care of: MSRP.

If there’s one spec I would like you to come back away with a newfound curiosity in, it is torque. Torque is what you have actually been in search of if you examined horsepower; It creates that enjoyable to drive acceleration all of us love, and it is changing into extra attention-grabbing at naturally torquey electrical vehicles being to flourish. 

The video above has the very best rationalization of essential automobile specs, however here is a short abstract as effectively:

0-60: The holy grail of efficiency specs. It is the minimal period of time a automobile must speed up a standing cease to 60 miles an hour. A very good apples-to-apples comparability between vehicles, however a check drive could inform you extra. 

12V/120V/5V: The three sorts of energy sometimes present in a automobile. 12 volts DC is what comes out of what we used to name a cigarette lighter outlet, which remains to be inefficiently formed to carry a cigarette lighter. 120V (additionally labelled as 110V and 115V) is, after all, home present and is AC. 5V DC is the facility delivered by a USB port, however no one refers to it by its voltage.  

CD, or coefficient of drag: You may usually see this when a brand new model of a automobile comes out as carmakers like to boast about how they decreased a automobile’s drag or friction passing by way of the air. All it is advisable to fear about is the automobile’s gasoline financial system, acceleration and high velocity (if that issues to you), and wind noise. The Cd that helps with these could be ignored. 

Displacement: Usually seen as “2.0” or an analogous badge on the rump of a automobile. That is the quantity of area within the engine’s cylinders the place air and gasoline are combined to combust and create energy. Listen as a substitute to the automobile’s acceleration, gasoline financial system and towing capability; how a lot displacement a carmaker makes use of to ship these is peripheral, particularly with turbocharging and hybridization blurring the road between what varied engine displacements can accomplish. 

Headroom/legroom: I ignore these measurements. In a spot like a automobile’s inside, filled with complicated shapes and deformable supplies, easy stick determine measurements like legroom and headroom inform you virtually nothing, in my expertise reviewing over a thousand vehicles. Simply sit within the factor. Inside cargo capability figures are slightly extra helpful, however simply barely.   

Horsepower: The usual measure of a automobile’s engine expressed as work. 1 horsepower equals the work wanted to carry 550 kilos 1 foot in 1 second. By itself, considerably arcane. Study the 0-60, towing load and MPG figures as a substitute.

Kilowatt hours (kWh): This can be a measure of battery capability in an electrified automobile, particularly essential in a pure EV. It is analogous to the dimensions of a gasoline tank. The extra kWh, usually the extra electrical vary, but additionally the larger chore to recharge the automobile.

MPG (metropolis, freeway, common): Most of us perceive miles per gallon, or no less than suppose we do. Lesser know is an inherent distortion on this spec which will bias your view of vehicles you in contrast based mostly on it. A good explanation of the problem with the MPG spec is found at the Skepticblog. The Europeans know this; that is why they categorical gasoline financial system as consumption-per-distance (Liters/100 km) versus our distance-per-consumption score (MPG).

MPGe: Miles Per Gallon (Gasoline) Equal is how the EPA makes apples-to-apples out of gasoline and electrical energy. A gallon of gasoline has an vitality potential of 115,000 BTUs and that’s equal to 33.7 kWh of electrical energy. This quantity helps you consider the effectivity of a automobile that may run on combustion or electrical energy at varied occasions. This can change into a extra essential spec as electrification marches on. 

MSRP: This one’s simple: Do not pay it.  

Torque: That is how arduous the automobile’s engine can twist one thing, and twisting is the entire concept behind shifting a automobile: The engine twists the heart of the transmission which twists the drive shafts which twist the wheels and off you go. A extremely essential comparability spec that too few individuals are acquainted with. 

Monitor: Wheelbase’s lesser-discussed sibling. The space between the wheels, facet to facet throughout the automobile. Inside baseball.   

Watts (audio): Audio programs can vary from 200 watts to 600 watts, 1,200 watts or extra. These numbers do not inform you how loud it will get (all of them can harm your listening to), relatively they counsel what number of audio system it has or, extra importantly, how elegantly it might probably painting transient moments in music when plenty of energy could also be wanted momentarily. Do not sweat the quantity, take heed to the system with a bit of music and medium (cellphone, USB, CD) you are acquainted with.   

Weight: Numerous these they usually matter. Curb weight is an empty automobile with a full tank of gasoline, maybe the least essential weight. Gross weight is that of a automobile and all of the folks and stuff it may be safely loaded with. Towing capability is what a automobile can pull and produce to a cease. These final two weights are essential specs you’ll be able to’t empirically decide by driving a automobile.  

Wheelbase: The space between the 2 axle strains, or facilities of the wheels, on one facet of a automobile. This may have a significant impact on dealing with, experience high quality and automobile look, however decide these attributes immediately. Don’t be concerned in regards to the wheelbase that delivered them. 

Wheel measurement: That is often the diameter of the wheel, much less usually its width, and with out the added dimensions of a tire wrapped round it. It has a significant impact on a automobile’s dealing with, experience high quality and look. It may be a great snapshot when evaluating vehicles or trim ranges, however you continue to should drive the automobile to see how the standard of drive components play out with a given wheel measurement.  

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