Beginning on October 5 of this year, Microsoft will stop supporting Swiftkey for iOS.

While Microsoft hasn’t offered any explanation for why Swiftkey is being removed from iOS, some speculate that it may be because of Apple’s tightly-knit ecosystem.

According to reports, Microsoft will stop supporting Swiftkey, its predictive keyboard app, for iOS. ZDNet has reported that the tech giant will stop supporting the well-liked keyboard as of October 5 of this year.

Swiftkey’s Director of Product Management, Chris Wolfe, continued by stating that the app would also be removed from Apple’s App Store in the statement. However, those who have already downloaded Swiftkey on their devices can keep using it until they switch to a different device or a newer operating system.

It’s interesting to note that Swiftkey for iOS hasn’t received an update in more than a year. An internet user lamented the Swiftkey iOS app’s lack of updates in a Reddit thread that was circulating a few months ago.

Wolfe declined to respond when asked why Microsoft has chosen to stop supporting Swiftkey for iOS. He did, however, mention that they are concentrating on the app’s Android version.

In case you were unaware, Microsoft acquired Swiftkey in 2016 during its acquisition binge. Microsoft has asserted that more than 300 million devices had the keyboard installed at the time. Swiftkey was the most popular app on Google’s Play Store in 2012.

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