Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air: We all understand the received wisdom – there’s no use in getting antivirus for Mac since Apple goods are totally impenetrable. Right?

And it’s probably a pretty short sighted view nowadays considering the sheer quantity of Mac and MacBook owners across the world, and so a massive potential target for hackers and cyber criminals. And malware aimed at Macs are sadly becoming more common.

That’s where getting the simplest Mac antivirus becomes crucial. You don’t wish to pick up that new MacBook Pro, only to get it crippled by a cyber attack!

Sure, Apple machines continue to be targeted less than their Windows counterparts, but they can still be infected – and the risks are rising, which is why you need security. Every Mac antivirus product within this list has been chosen because it is specially designed to shield Mac systems and has scored highly at identifying and eliminating malware and viruses.

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The macOS operating system relies on Unix, which can be sandboxed, meaning it can be quite hard for viruses to do any damage. Think of these locked in a tiny box from which they can not escape, no matter how hard they try. This means that you will need particular Mac antivirus software.

if that be the very strongest paid-for protection or a free download that we’ve picked out in the base of this manual – that’s been designed to work with the unique demands that macOS has. So keep reading for our top choices. The Very Best Mac antivirus in 2020

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Top-notch antivirus protection for Macs, Stand out features: Online banking and net protection, Time Machine protection, multi-layer ransomware defenses Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is arguably among the foremost accurate virus protection suites for Apple devices out there, built on a sterling anti virus engine that’s consistently rated one among the absolute best performers by independent testing labs (and boasts quick scan times, too).

It is not just about core anti virus defenses, though, because Bitdefender provides a suitably extensive raft of attributes. That includes multi-layer ransomware security, and also an anti-tracker browsing extension to better keep your privacy while web browsing, blocking a range of web trackers (and hopefully making some web pages load faster, too). (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

Outstanding anti-phishing protection is on board, as well. An excess layer of safety for Time Machine is a useful addition, also, so as to maintain copies safe from ransomware strikes. Along with a further nifty extra is the integration of Bitdefender VPN, although that said, you get very little data allowance with this free version, so it’s just for very occasional use.

If you’re at all worried about viruses and another nastiness floating about on the internet, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is the ideal software for Macs in 2020. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Intego Mac Internet Security X9

Maximum apparatus covered: 5, Intego is a veteran antivirus provider which has been safeguarding Macs for more than two years now, so if there’s any software that knows what kind of security Apple machines need, this is it.

Mac Internet Security X9 offers top-notch antivirus protection against the newest threats, and is rated up with all the simplest because it concerns the independent testing labs. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Intego Mac Internet
Intego Mac Internet

Outside that superb core malware security, it boasts a smart firewall and also anti-phishing protection to keep you safer online. Intego also helps shore up your solitude levels by defending against third-party apps attempting to hoover up your data. In addition to all that, Mac Internet Security X9 offers a neat interface, and can be easy-to-use. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

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Downsides include the fact that the program hits system performance somewhat harder than some competitions, and although it will protect against Windows malware, there are some question marks in that region from the test results we have seen (that saidthis clearly does not directly affect Mac users anyway).

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

Mac protection against a well-known brand, Kaspersky is a well-regarded name within the field of antivirus protection, and it maintains that standing with its Internet Security for Mac applications, which positively bristles with features.

You get top-quality malware defenses as it comes to the independent test labs, Kaspersky is consistently rated among the very best for Mac anti virus also malicious URL blocking, ransomware protection, and countermeasures against webcam duplication. Kaspersky also supplies an encrypted browser for extra security in regards to sensitive online jobs like performing your banking. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

On an overall level, the Mac app looks like this Windows 10 antivirus variant (that of course is highly rated in itself). The interface is a little busy, which is somewhat perplexing given all these attributes, but you will hardly find this program hard to use.

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air
Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

Really, the only real fly in the ointment here is that this antivirus app is somewhat pricier than top-tier competitions, but it still represents good value for money for whatever you are getting. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Norton 360 Deluxe

Great protection for those with multiple devices, Maximum apparatus covered: 5. Stand out attributes: Intelligent firewall, cloud backup, VPN. Really, Norton 360 Deluxe provides protection for Macs, Windows PCs, or mobile apparatus up to five of these in total.

So, if you have got lots of Macs or MacBooks to pay, or perhaps a Windows 10 laptop also, and of course your smartphone, Norton will have your spine across all foundations.

You receive a serious serving of features here, including powerful antivirus protection, anti-ransomware, a firewall, parental controls, and some very neat extras such as cloud backup operation. There is also a significant incentive in the form of Norton Secure VPN to help maintain better security and privacy when online. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air
Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

At the same time you get remarkable benefits on the security front, for sure, 1 thing to be aware of is that Norton 360 does have more of a noticeable influence on your system performance than some rivals. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Furthermore, the asking price of this security package is on the costly side by default. However, that said, there are usually offers knocking a good deal of money off, and in the time of writing, you can find a fairly good deal on a subscription especially when you consider the number of apparatus covered. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

Great safety that includes social media protection, Maximum devices covered: 1 , Stand out attributes: Social media security, email con filtering, parental controls.

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac is just another fantastic choice to keep your Mac safe, and its antivirus engine is highly rated by the independent labs. In reality, Trend Micro’s antivirus is up there with all the top performers in regards to the core malware protection the app provides. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

This program’s feature-set contains ransomware protection, email scam filtering, parental controls, and a societal media privacy checker which monitors social network usage to the many dangers that are increasingly delivered via these channels.

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air
Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

On the downside, occasionally virus scans can be lengthier than you’ll encounter with competing products, and the program only covers a single device (but that may be all you need). (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Furthermore, some rival antivirus suites offer more features. Trend Micro lacks a firewall, for instance, or protection to the likes of internet banking (the firm’s Pay Guard secure browser is earmarked for the Maximum Security for Mac package ).

Nevertheless, note that at the time of writing, you can get the latter suite for the same cost as Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac and also extended coverage for up to five devices so it’s worth keeping an eye out for bargains such as this. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Avast Premium Security

A user-friendly antivirus with some noteworthy anti-ransomware chops, Maximum apparatus covered: 10. Stand out features: Ransomware Shield, Wi-Fi intruder alarms, web protection.

Avast Premium Security comes well-equipped to defend your Mac, and its antivirus protection has impressed both the significant independent testing labs so that’s obviously a good start. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Backing this up is an adequate library of features, such as a Ransomware Shield as an extra layer of protection to safeguard against this particularly nasty strain of malware (a capacity that appeared to function well in our testing, and could work against the newest undiscovered threats out there).

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air
Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

You also get a good amount of protection when browsing, together with Avast firmly steering you away from any phishing sites, and Wi-Fi intruder alarms are on hand in case your home network occurs to be endangered. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

The main downside here is that if you only want Avast Premium Security to protect one Mac, it works out quite expensive however if you pay a little more to get 10 devices (across not just Mac, but Windows and cellular ), it is more competitively priced (assuming you need that level of policy ). Even so, you can find better value choices elsewhere. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)


A reliable scanner for macOS, ClamXAV does not have the catchiest of names, but it is the anti virus program for Mac that many IT professionals swear by – not least because it simply generates AV for Apple computers.

That doesn’t mean it’s overly complicated – in actuality, it has among the very simple and easy-to-use interfaces out of all the Mac antivirus applications on this list. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

It’s particularly adept at catching viruses in email attachments, and although it doesn’t come with some of the internet security tools of other suites, it’s still an excellent choice for protecting your Mac. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

ESET Cyber Security for Mac

A balanced security suite with something for everyone, Maximum devices covered: 4, Stand out features: Ransomware protection, ample configuration options, ESET Cyber Security for Mac used to do well in evaluations performed by the independent antivirus testing labs, although in more recent history, sadly the significant labs have stopped testing this particular vendor.

However, if previous scores are anything to go by, you’ll have solid enough security for your Mac. This security suite can also be among the more fire-and-forget efforts, therefore it’s good for novices in that regard. Although at precisely the exact same time, if specialists want to dive into the details under the hood, they’re able to do so, and configure things to their liking using a large number of options and settings.

ESET includes ransomware protection, in addition to defenses against Linux and Windows malware (so any nastiness you can not know about — since it does not affect a Mac will not be spread to your buddies with Microsoft-powered PCs).

Best Antivirus for Macbook Air
Best Antivirus for Macbook Air

It is not the quickest software concerning virus scan times, but it digs deep into your system to ensure that your Mac is totally free from malware, and it’s reasonably competitively priced overall (although some subscription programs are better worth than many others ).

While the amount of Mac malware is still considerably less than that targeting Windows, its still 100 times greater than that which experts predicted just a few decades ago. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)

The outstanding AV-TEST regularly puts anti-virus applications through their paces, and also their most recent evaluations happened in March 2020 on macOS Catalina. They examine three key regions: malware detection, false positives and performance.

For Mac malware, eight packages achieved 100% detection without false positives. We unite AV-TEST’s findings with our own product studying and research. We focus further in the usability of the products, their features and how good they are to work with and live with on a day-to-day basis. (Best Antivirus for Macbook Air)


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