Google Duo is simple and can be really intelligent in various situations.

Google announced some new chatting apps in Google I / O in June this year – a video calling app called ‘Duo’ and a general chat messenger called ‘Allo’. At the time of the event, the company boasted about the simplified interface that the app comes with. Many of us can argue that Skype and Facetime video calling app have yet to go.

Google Duo
Best Google Duo Review: Skype found a competitor to ensure

And with plans to integrate WhatsApp video calling, the Duo may not be as successful as Google claims it to be. Anyway, let’s look at the app and see if it can stand against Skype and FaceTime.

The USP of Google Duo is its simple and fast interface. To download the app, you can jump into the Appstore / Playstore. The app is available and free for both operating systems Android and iOS. Right after you open the application you are greeted with a screen of Terms and Conditions. Since Duo requires an active SIM to operate, it will ask you to enter your mobile number to verify the device.

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Once verified you will be given a camera window and a ‘video call’ option at the bottom. Hitting the ‘video call’ option will toss your contacts. Contacts already containing the ‘Duo’ app will appear at the top and will be separated with an option to invite the rest of the contacts.

Regarding other features, the Duo app comes with an interesting option called ‘Knock Knock’, so that the person you are calling can see you before you answer the call. Knock Knock only works if the person has your number listed on their contacts. However, on iOS you must be in the app to watch another person’s video before taking it. This feature can be easily turned off in the Settings menu and you will get a notification at the top saying whether your video is on or not.

Google Duo
Best Google Duo Review: Skype found a competitor to ensure

Reviewing Google’s Duo, we explored the app to be really intelligent in various situations. The app automatically jumps between better connection and video quality. If your connection is not fast enough, it will automatically pause the video, keeping the audio intact and extremely sensitive and clear.

You also get the option to switch between the camera and mute audio just like any other video calling app. It also tells you to turn off the video if your battery has reached below 20%. The app also comes with end-to-end encryption and you can block some contacts as well as some contacts.

Best Google Duo Review Skype found a competitor to ensure
Best Google Duo Review Skype found a competitor to ensureBest Google Duo Review Skype found a competitor to ensure

Google Duo Decision

Overall the app is quite tidy and given Google’s trust, we won’t be shocked if people start shifting to Duo as their primary video calling app.


  • Simple interface
  • Preview option
  • Cross-platform video calling option


  • None


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