Best Horror PC Games 2020

Best Horror PC Games 2020: There are currently more than 5 games in this Best Horror PC Games 2020 Gaming guide, so making navigation as simple as possible was an extremely high priority for our creative commandos.

The games are grouped alphabetically by genre, and the titles of each category are listed in alphabetical order. Just select a genre, horror pc games and page jumps for that section. easy!


Best Horror PC Games 2020: Games Price $19.99
Some of the moments of the scariest video game derive from our simplest fear-hunting developers. This is not a crowd of enemies running at you, or vines jumping over you. The distant trail is loneliness for the human psyche, when you struggle to maintain your own holiness, when you cannot tell what is real and is a projection of your own insecurity.

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It is also helplessly running away from danger, while watching its last drops of breathless air move away. This is the terror that Narcosis for Oculus Rift forces you to deal with in a terrible filled underwater environment. It is a completely sinister PC game, though little light on content and capable AI enemies.

Best Horror PC Games 2020
Best Horror PC Games 2020

Resident Evil HD Remaster

Best Horror PC Games 2020 : Games Price $19.99
Nearly 20 years after its debut, Resident Evil is a 1996 remake of the original as an HD game cube remake. Resident Evil HD remaster brings the remake back from the dead by removing it from Nintendo’s console and bringing it to PC. However, Capcom encountered some problems during the transition to HD.

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The remake’s gorgeous pre-paid backdrop and video kataknens were difficult to update to modern-day widescreen displays and maxid-out resolutions. As a result, the uneven quality is a mash-mash of backgrounds, many of them inferior to the GameCube original. However, do not give you a chance to avoid it. Resident Evil HD Remaster is still a great zombie-blasting game, even if it is a bit bad to wear.

Resident Evil 2

Best Horror PC Games 2020: Games Price $59.99
Resident Evil 2 is back! Certainly, the classic PlayStation game has received a number of ports and rearellis over the years, but this new version, simply titled Resident Evil 2, remade the horror game from the ground up.

You once again play as Leon Kennedy, a rogue cop and Claire Redfield, a woman who was searching for her brother after the events of First Resident Evil. Although this remake is the familiar zombie-shooting ground, it recedes into new enemies and puzzles to refresh things.

Best Horror PC Games 2020
Best Horror PC Games 2020

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Best Horror PC Games 2020: Games Price $59.99
If you feel that the Resident Evil series loses its way after shifting to gunplay, then you have to choose Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. By slowing down the action and changing the perspective, developer Capcom has created a Resident Evil game that captures the dreaded stuff that filled the original game.

Excellent pacing, thoughtful action, and amazing atmosphere – you explore the home of a disadvantaged family in Louisiana Bayou – resulting in the best horror game to visit in a while.

Best Horror PC Games 2020
Best Horror PC Games 2020

Alien: Isolation

Best Horror PC Games 2020: Games Price $49.99
Alien: Isolation may be the great Alien based game ever. Instead of using James Cameron’s action-focused aliens as his foundation, as many video game developers have done in the past, Creative Assembly looked to Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film for inspiration. And it pays off. Instead of focusing on running and gunning, Alien: Isolation is all about stealing and sub-wefuse.

Best Horror PC Games 2020: Although you get some assistance via radio, you, as the daughter of Ellen Ripley, survive on your own, dodging alien hunters using your brain, environment, and the equipment you use. Gotta navigate the scary world. Alien: Isolation is truly smart, dark, and oppressive.

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