Best Kodak 4K UHD TV Review

Kodak 4K We have just used the device for some time and here we think about it. Purchased for Rs 46,990, the Smart TV is available to buy from Flipkart.

Super Plasticronics Private Limited (SPPL), the licensee of the Kodak 4K brand, has recently announced one of the cheapest smart 4K UHD TVs in India.

Kodak 4K UHD
Kodak 4K UHD Review

Smart LED TV is loaded with a host of interesting features and yes, 4K resolution is definitely an attractive deal for those who are looking for a higher end TV at a more affordable price tag. But, the question here is, does it promise to deliver that company? We have just used the device for some time and here we think about it.

Kodak 4K Design

Starting with the design, the Smart TV comes with a sleek design, although it comes with a similar design language as the previous model. Although it does not give a sleek appearance as we have seen in some LG, Sony and Samsung models, it does not seem cheap, which is a good sign. The 55-inch panel comes with some minimal but noticeable bezels around the display.

The remote sensor is on the lower right corner of the display, making it a bit difficult to operate because most of us have a habit of pointing the remote at the centre of the TV. On the right, you will find the volume and channel control as well as the power on/off button. It also has the Source and Menu buttons on the right.

Kodak 4K UHD
Kodak 4K UHD Review

One thing we did not like about TV was the location of the ports. Most ports are located on the left and bottom sides of the back panel. This also makes it a little difficult to reach them and there is not much room left to reach the ports, especially if you have wall-mounted on television. Even if you put it on a table, the results are the same.

You get most of the parts down, including two HDMI ports, Ethernet, Composite and Component Cable. To some relief, on the left side is a headphone jack, two USB ports, an SD card slot, an HMDI port and a coaxial TV antenna terminal.

Kodak 4K Features

Talking about some key features, the Smart TV runs on a custom version of Android, although it is quite old (Android 4.4 KitKat). The Smart TV comes with a 55-inch 4K UHD resolution with an A + display panel made by Samsung with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The television is powered by a 1.4GHz dual-core processor with Mali T720 GPU. The TV is supported by 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash storage. The device comes with a special remote, which has dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix and Hotstar.

The TV runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and is loaded with the Aptoide TV App Store, which is optimized for TV and users can download their favorites from it. In terms of audio, the Kodak TV2 comes with a 10W speaker, which the company claims can provide richer sound output.

Navigation via remote control lets you know what a pain it is. Despite being a smart TV, the lack of an Air Mouse is something that you will immediately regret about this device. From scrolling to typing to browsing, it becomes a painful experience.

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It would be great if the brand has packed an air mouse with them as it makes it easier to navigate through all the smartness that is loaded into this TV.

That said, the remote control comes with some interesting features. You have dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix and Hotstar, which are not removable though. We liked the fact that the remote control has a shortcut for most functions such as browsers, apps, screenshots, media and more, making this device a bit easier to use.

Kodak 4K UHD
Kodak 4K UHD Review

Video and audio performance

Coming to video display, it is certain that television is probably one of the cheapest 4K TVs in the market. The display panel is made by Samsung, which gives some good output and it also gives some good brightness. However, the color range does not extend to the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony.

We also came to know that the colors were slightly oversaturated and this is especially noticeable when you are watching high contrast videos. Also, the skin tone is fine and once again, in darker scenes you will see patches of light on the screen, which is not good. We noticed that while playing 4K video through external sources, the video would shutter slightly.

However, watching some action-packed movies or series was a good experience and you can thank the 60Hz refresh rate for this. So, if you compare with other OLED and Kodak 4K TVs present in the market, you will definitely be disappointed, but at this price, many brands do not offer such performance.

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Coming in audio quality, this is where the TV falls flat. You will get average sound output, although it does not distort into high or low notes, yet, we find it quite flat. It is, therefore, necessary to use an external speaker or home system.

Kodak 4K UHD
Kodak 4K UHD Review

Software and UI

Coming to the user interface, the brand has given it a facelift and the new UI is cleaner and simpler to operate than its predecessor. The user interface appears on the screen as a standard box and navigates using an arrow keys. Television also comes with a dedicated app store, which makes it easy to download apps compatible with TVs. However, some apps such as Gaana, Saavn did not scale properly, which at the end of the day, made it a difficult one to use apps (or login in some cases).


To sum up, the 4K Smart LED TV from Kodak looks like an interesting proposition at first. The Kodak 4K TV offers the highest resolution at almost half the resolution that others are offering. However, when you play 4K from an external medium, navigation is a painful task and the TV flashes slightly. The user interface has been improved but still requires some customization. So if you want to buy it, then get to know better about its pros and cons.


  • Design
  • Price
  • Dedicated keys for popular apps


  • Navigation is difficult
  • Ports are not reachable
  • Sound is not up to mark

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