Best Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review: You can Return to the Fundamentals, but nostalgia comes in a Price.

Among Nokia’s approaches for creating publicity is its own line of reimagined classic versions, which remind us of those days when candybar mobiles came in all sizes and shapes, and you’re the coolest of your buddies if your phone needed Snake II.

With heaps of iconic versions in its own writings, Nokia has created several interesting options, beginning with obviously the Nokia 3310 (2017) that was an international sensation, and the Nokia 8110 4G and Nokia 2720 Flip that were not quite as intriguing.

It is against that background that we finally have a totally new variant of this Nokia 5310 XpressMusic.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review

This does not just spring to mind as among the organization’s cherished models from back in the afternoon, however, its reincarnated namesake may bring a grin to your face in case you’re in college or school from the late 2000s.

Despite its later errors, Nokia was on the ball when mobiles began displacing MP3 players. The XpressMusic array was intended to be more youth-focused, lively, and cheap, and also for a moment, it did match its goal.

Fast forward to 2020, and we view that this fresh low-end candybar mobile that takes forward just a small amount of this kind of the first, but serves a very distinct function in the current world.

We have spent two weeks together with the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (2020), therefore we can let you know precisely exactly what this phone is capable of, and if you should think about purchasing it.

The brand new Nokia 5310 XpressMusic is a severe throwback, even by candybar attribute phone criteria. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review)

The latest thing about it’s it can handle double SIMs, but just to become anachronistic, HMD Global, that functions the Nokia brand and portfolio, has fitted this mobile using two Mini-SIM slots.

That is correct, maybe not Nano-SIM or the old Micro-SIM format, you need to go all of the way back to Mini-SIMs or locate adapters.

Another large network-related caveat is the mobile is 2G just, and does not work using Wi-Fi. Regardless of what you do be able to do with it, you’re going to be restricted to pre-2008-era cellular Internet rates.

HMD Global believes there is lots of need for 2G mobiles in India, but limit people’s capacity to make the most of 3G service someplace down the line?

There is a 0.3-megapixel camera in the trunk (640×480 resolution) using a flash, so you do get a flashlight, among the most valued features of non-invasive telephones in India.

You obtain a Micro-USB charging interface (which is effective at USB 1.1 rate for data transfers that is 1.5Mbps, compared to 480Mbps for USB 2.0) along with Bluetooth 3.0.

You get a selection of white and black, each of which has reddish side panels with buttons volume on the left, audio playback over the right — that is this phone’s most important link to its namesake. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review)

The telephone overall feels plasticky and can be unquestionably entry-level; much more such as the current-day Nokia 1xx series compared to the first Nokia 5310.

We can clearly see the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (2020) drops far below even the simplest criteria we would expect of a non-invasive mobile now.

That does not mean it is bad at what it is supposed to do, however, it isn’t the kind of phone you would consider if you desire any modern-day operation.

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There is no lag with fundamental workflow scenarios, such as scanning a message with T9 predictive text.

HMD Global has utilized exactly the exact same ultra-low-end MediaTek Mediatek MT6260A chip that is from the Nokia 3310 (2017) and also some other feature phone versions.

You will clearly have to get a microSD card to be able to store music on what’s charged as a music phone.

You obtain a 2.4-inch 240×320-pixel display that’s very basic. It is possible to observe that photographs appear blotchy, with rough gradients where colors should mix smoothly.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review

Nevertheless, the resolution is not too bad and you may have 12 lines of text that doesn’t make easy usage feel overly constraining.

The Series 30+ applications are in fact quite effective and there are a couple of thoughtful touches. You are able to decide on the menu grid or change into your list view.

The calendar includes just a monthly opinion, but you may see the entire grid screen.

There is no cloud syncing or performance of any type, and that means you are going to need to look after backups manually.

You are confined to 2000 contacts along with your SIMs’ memory card. You can not sync them you can import them from a volume with Bluetooth. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review)

Pictures and videos listed using the cellphone’s camera is going to be saved into a microSD card in case you have one added, and this can not be altered (but you would not need to anyway with just 16MB on the telephone ).

Typing is somewhat hard as a result of the strips of plastic used in the design of the phone instead of individual buttons. But, we actually liked having a threaded message view and inline response performance inside the Messages program.

If you really use your cellphone mainly to make voice calls, then you will discover the caliber acceptable, and the apparatus comfortable to hold for extended stretches.

In our experience, we’ve found that the battery just did not wish to perish, though obviously our use was quite basic and intermittent because there was not much to do on this phone.

We just managed to run down the battery completely after over the span of 2 weeks. Charging sadly takes almost five hours, as a result of this puny 550mA charger you make it from the box. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review)

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Then there is music. The speakers are evenly balanced, which can be pretty neat to get a low-end feature telephone. Audio may get loud enough to fill a decent-sized space, but do not expect good quality.

Music appeared unpleasant and had practically no life, together with bass largely missing and exceptionally muddy information. If you only want to blast some songs, this phone is going to do.

Wireless FM radio implies you don’t require a wired headset acting as an antenna, though a message on screen told me that we may get much better reception with a single plugged.

Even with no SD card for MP3 files, you will be able to get some fun on the move. Talking of cans though, the only contained in the box is also exceedingly basic it does not have a button to control playback.

Music seemed genuinely awful when utilizing it, and we have an immediate upgrade in sound quality by switching to our basic earphones.

If you purchase this phone due to nostalgia, the Snake game is going to be a huge letdown. You may just start them before being requested to pay for continuing access, which is not worthwhile in our view.

Internet connectivity within 2G could be bothersome but it might also be a lifesaver for many millions of individuals. It struggles with contemporary sites and even simple things like pop-up advertisements.

You need to move a cursor across the screen with the direction pad. We could navigate around quite easily but movies would not play.

The Facebook icon at the menu looked like a refreshing breath of modernity, but it just directs one to the cellular site. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review)

You will have the ability to check status upgrades, leave comments, respond to buddy requests, and read posts that people have submitted, however, there is no Messenger or Facebook Watch.

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The Mobile Store program provides added matches, a few of which are free and many others that are demos.

Additionally, there are tabs for Programs, Wallpapers, and Ringtones which you could download (in case you have storage area ), though those did not work for us whatsoever.

This brings us into the camera and once more, you need to reduce your expectations. Pictures are recorded in 640×480 and movies at 320×240. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review)

Pictures and movies are expectedly terrible, with rough colors, poor knots, and hardly any detail away from the primary focus region. Night style trades a great deal of sound for just a tiny detail. The flash is amazingly strong, but unpleasant.

Nevertheless, if you have never needed a cellphone with a camera (or even any type of camera) earlier, you will at least have the ability to catch your memories and rescue photographs of people’s faces, which might be worth a whole lot.

You can put a picture as your background, move multiple files at the same time using Bluetooth, and send MMS messages, that can be also valuable purposes.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review

Programs can not operate in the background (even though music and the radio are able to keep playing) and there aren’t any push notifications.

It is possible to forget about wealthy social websites, streaming, and the majority of the programs that people actually need nowadays.

WhatsApp, which can be found on additional Nokia feature mobiles and continues to be a huge selling point for its Jio Phone show, is currently missing. You do not even become swappable covers in various colors.


It is Apparent that Nobody would consider this a substitute for the Most Economical Android versions like the Redmi Go (now priced beginning at Rs. 4,299)

There are countless people whose lives could be made better by having such a simple telephone.

But in the event that you only need something cheap and simple to use, HMD Global additionally offers the comparably capable Nokia 216 in Rs. 2,749. If you do not see any point in 2G connectivity, then you might find the Nokia 105 for as small as Rs. 1,299.

HMD Global is obviously not targeting this mobile at entry-level buyers — it is playing the Nokia heritage and employing the double speakers because a value proposition.

Would anybody purchase this as a secondary telephone, or consciously need to steer clear of telephones but nevertheless enjoy something to use mostly for songs? We believe that is a very, very little market. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (2020) Full Review)

The lineup of classic versions will help connect the new Nokia of now with the esteem and affection the newest used to be connected with, but first-time telephone consumers with extremely limited budgets do not care about backstories.

It’d be better to provide them apparatus which are as cheap and useable as possible and divert the nostalgia to apparatus more appropriate for a mature sector. (Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Review)


Light and portable
Stereo speakers
Well-designed software
Multi-day battery life


2G just
Quite poor camera quality
No assistance for popular programs

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