Best Pokemon Unite Review – A Micro-Aggressive MOBA

Pokemon Unite Review: Pokemon Unite is the first attempt by the Pokemon brand to venture into a new genre. It’s a MOBA-style game, similar to Dota 2 or League of Legends. However, the game is presented in an easier-to-comprehend format for those who have never played one. The matches are quick and easy with lots of strategy and action.

It is enjoyable and rewarding to learn each of the five classes. Every match is a battle that increases tension and excitement. It is a shame that sometimes the game’s fun can be hampered by the in-game economy, which consists of multiple currencies and a lottery-style loot box system.

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite, also known as a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) or multiplayer online battle game is for those who are not familiar. A Pokemon is chosen by two teams of five people, who then enter the arena to battle wild Pokemon. The experience level ups a Pokemon and increases its stats. It also powers up its moves and gives it more energy. Energy is used to score points and win a game.

This is how Pokemon Unite stands out from other MOBAs. To score points equal to the amount of energy that Pokemon have, they must “dunk” their energy through the hoop. The sequence of dunking is amazing, with the Pokemon pushing the energy through the hoop with force. It will bring a smile to your face.

Although dunks aren’t the only way to score, special wild Pokemon can sometimes show up that grant temporary buffs or extra points. However, these are often rare and occasionally just a few times during a match. If time is running out, which can be between 10 and 15 minutes in a normal match, the winner of the point race is who has more points.

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

This goal-scoring strategy is different than MOBA games. League of Legends requires that a team enter an enemy’s base to destroy the Nexus. However, it’s a great choice of action. The arena’s wild Pokemon are easy to defeat so even beginners will not have any trouble gaining energy. You can only score so many points on some goals before they break.

Disabled goals will force you to move further into the opponent’s arena to find another one. This is a fun twist on the main objective of a MOBA match. It takes something like defeating towers from LoL to make it unique. New MOBA players won’t have to worry about additional threats because the goals aren’t fighting back like LoL towers.

Pokemon Unite is a great way to get started in a new genre that may appeal to many players

Pokemon Unite makes each match exciting. This is a team game so you will quickly form a bond with your teammates and get support when needed. You won’t feel ashamed of the player who does their own thing and gets crushed. Mid-match skirts are exciting and tense. The thrill of winning is in the meeting of your opponents. Because of how much fun each match is, the 10-minute timer seems to fly by.

The 20 Pokemon that make up the Pokemon Unite roster can be classified into one of five types: All-Rounder (attacker), Speedster, Defender, Supporter, or Speedster. These categories define how each Pokemon should be managed, taking into account the genre’s strategic elements.

Defenders are more suited to the backlines, scoring points and taking out enemies, while Attackers can take down opponents and score a lot of points. Defenders, on the other hand, protect the team’s goals from being attacked. It’s easy, it’s straightforward, and exactly what a MOBA should be for newcomers to the genre.

It will be easy for you to know what type of match you want depending on which Pokemon you select. This is hugely helpful for new MOBA players. It’s not that things won’t change during a match, but it lowers the barrier to entry.

MOBA players’ success is dependent on their team balance. The game allows them to set up their own teams. The character select screen gives small clues to the team about the roles that aren’t yet filled. While chosen Pokemon are highlighted to show who’s available, they are also faded out. Pokemon Unite matches encourage experimentation.

You can change the team composition until you find what works best for your group. This makes every match more enjoyable and gives you a different experience.

All Pokemon can be controlled using the same button scheme, despite having different classes. You can increase your Pokemon’s power by gaining experience. The Pokemon will first change to a new move, then add an enhanced version. Although it sounds complicated, the game is very clear and explains everything in real-time. Pikachu’s special attack is Thundershock.

However, at certain levels, it can change to Electro Ball or Thunder by pressing a button. It doesn’t take long to find the right move or navigate through menus. Just one button is all it takes to get a new move. This is yet another way to lower the entry barrier for MOBA players and it’s highly appreciated.

This is the best thing about Pokemon Unite. It serves as an excellent entry point to what might be a new genre. It’s simple to use and allows everyone to experience MOBAs. Genre veterans might find the game lacking in-depth gameplay and strategic elements like Dota 2 or LoL. No minions are needed to farm experience.

Every player must go into the wild to gain more leveling up. The Pokemon Unite experience feels like a steppingstone to other MOBA games and not the opposite. This could mean that long-time MOBA players might feel overwhelmed by what they discover.

Grinding for higher levels is easy because of the speed of the matches and the simple mechanics. There are many benefits to grinding, including Trainer Levels which give you access to new modes and rewards, and an optional Battle Pass that allows for even more reward drops.

You can also speed up the process by grinding, but that will require you to deal with microtransactions. When the game’s economy is discussed, the game’s simple and streamlined gameplay becomes irrelevant.

Five different in-game currencies are available, four of them are earned through playing. Aeos Coins, the most popular currency, are earned after each match. They can also be used as rewards for daily events and Trainer Level Up rewards. Aeos tickets can be used to purchase enhancers or items, and they can also be earned through events.

You can also purchase Holowear and Fashion Tickets, which are used to get Trainer skins and Pokemon skins. These tickets are only available through the random Energy Reward system draw. Aeos gems are the only premium currency. They can only be purchased with real money.

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon Unite

Five currencies are a confusing system. While four currencies can be earned by playing the game (which means that all currency is technically possible to earn by grinding matches), the rates at which certain currencies can be earned are extremely low. For example, the Holowear Tickets can be earned in one of two ways.

Either complete the 90-level Battle Pass to earn a Battle Pass Prize Box or you can get lucky in the Energy Reward lottery system. The Energy Reward system gives you a chance every five matches. However, the chances of getting the Holowear tickets are very slim. If you are lucky enough to win the Holowear Tickets, there will only be 10 tickets.

The cheapest Pokemon skin via Holowear Tickets currently costs 18 tickets. You can increase your chances by purchasing extra Energy Reward lottery opportunities in the Shops – these are only available to premium Aeos Gems.

If it was used only for cosmetic items, such as skins, this paid currency wouldn’t be considered inherently harmful. The premium Aeos gems are not to be overlooked as long as you can earn the most important things, such as Pokemon and battle items.

This is not true. Gems can be used to buy Unite Licenses that unlock Pokemon, temporary boosts for Aeos Coins, and Battle Pass Points. This will allow you to quickly unlock items that are usable in battle.

Although buying a Unite License to a Pokemon gives the player access to it early, which isn’t much other than being able to use that Pokemon in battle earlier, it’s the items that can make this economy feel unbalanced.

There are two types of items in the Shops: Held Items that give your Pokemon permanent boosts during a match; or Battle Items which can be activated by pressing a button and give you a temporary boost like increased attack power or healed damage.

A Pokemon can have up three Held Items and one Battle Item at a given time. These items can only be used on Pokemon if they are purchased in stores.

The game’s economy is a confusing maze of currencies and systems that makes it difficult to enjoy.

A player can buy and use these items quicker if they have the premium currency. The Battle Pass also includes items, so buying Battle Pass Point boosters with real money can unlock these items quicker. These items can be upgraded with Item Enhancers. This currency can be used to boost the disparity gap by gaining premium currency.

This creates a situation where players may not want to spend money and find themselves in an item less position against fully-equipped opponents.

I don’t mean to be negative: Pokemon Unite can be a fun game. The MOBA style fits well with the Pokemon franchise. As more Pokemon are added, the metagame will likely evolve and provide more opportunities to strategize. It’s fun to bring new builds into battle and try new things.

The game’s economy is confusing and has multiple currencies. It also has systems that make it seem like paying premium currency is the easiest way to win. We’d be looking for the next big Pokemon success story if microtransactions were not so incentivized. They are players, but they should be aware that this is Pokemon.


  • MOBAs get a new twist, with the basic formula being modified to make it more accessible for beginners
  • All players can understand the game mechanics, but they don’t feel repetitive.
  • The 90-level Battle Pass offers good deals, including items, in-game currency, and Pokemon skins
  • Matches feel effortless because of the fast pace and furious action.


  • There are too many currencies to purchase skins and other items. This creates a confusing economy.
  • Predatory tactics that target your wallet directly

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