Best Realme Narzo 10 Review

The Realme Narzo 10 is powered by a massive 5,000 mAh battery and comes with an 18W fast charging power adapter.

During our usage, we came to know that the phone can charge about 30% battery in 30 minutes Realme Narzo was appreciated a few days ago for Rs 11,999. It is available in two color options – White and Green.

We have been using the device for a couple of weeks now and here is our review of 10 Narzos.

Realme Narzo 10
Realme Narzo 10

Unboxing Realbox Narzo 10

The Realme Narzo 10 comes in a bright yellow box, similar to the previous smartphone launched by Realme. The retail package will include an 18W charging brick, a USB-C cable, user manual and a soft transparent case.

Realme Narzo 10 Review: Look and Feel

The Realme Narzo 10 display is made of Gorilla Glass 3 and has a plastic back and frame. It has a matte finish and is comfortable to hold the phone and is not slippery.

On the left side, you will see volume keys and triple card slots which can hold two nano SIMs and one microSD card. USB-C port, audio jack and speakers placed in the bottom panel. The power button is on the right.

The Realme Narzo 10 lacks a notification LED and the earpiece is just above the front camera and is not noticeable. The fingerprint reader is on the back and performs well.

The back panel shows the laser beam like a design when it is rotated. In short, the Narjo 10 has a slim profile and fits in a comfortable hand. As for the look, there is not much to complain about.

Realme Narzo 10 Review: Performance

The Realme Narzo 10 features a large 6.5 “IPS LCD screen with a notch at the top. Its resolution is 720 x 1,600 pixels which is average. Visibility bright light is an issue, but the viewing experience in indoor or soft light is excellent.

Color Rendering is average and the smartphone has a blue color. This can be managed by activating the warm color setting.

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Realme Narzo 10 Review: Battery

The Realme Narzo 10 is powered by a massive 5,000 mAh battery and comes with an 18W fast charging power adapter. During our usage, we came to know that the phone can charge around 30% battery in 30 minutes which is not really fast.

Realme Narzo 10 Review
Realme Narzo 10 Review

Realme Narzo 10 Review: Audio

The Narzo 10 gives you an excellent audio quality that includes the earpiece during a call. It is loud and crisp. It has a single down-firing loudspeaker which gives a good output for vocal but is average for music.

Realme Narzo 10 Review: Realme UI

Realme Narzo 10 comes with REalme UI which is based on Android 10. It sounds a lot better than the previously used ColorOS UI.

The new launcher is clutter free and follows a simple yet powerful design language. By choice, one can use layouts such as App Drawer or Apple to access apps.

Realme UI supports four different styles of icon packs – Default, Content, Pebble and Custom. I personally liked the Pebble Pack.

Like the Samsung Galaxy and Infinix smartphones, the Realme UI provides a smart sidebar on the edge of the screen that serves as a shortcut to access apps.

One can add or delete a list of apps in the sidebar. One downside of the Realme UI is the apps loaded. Narzo 10 comes loaded with some preloaded third-party apps, but thankfully anyone can remove or disable them.

Realme Narzo 10 Review: Performance

The gaming-focused SoC – Narzo 10 is powered by the MediaTek Helio G80. It packs 4GB of RAM and has 128GB of internal storage which can be expanded up to 256GB via microSD card.

The performance of the smartphone is smooth. It provides a lag-free experience while multitasking and accessing apps. As far as gaming is concerned, sometimes we saw a hiatus playing graphic-intensive games like Pubg.

We would suggest keeping PubG in a moderate setting to enjoy the game.

Realme Narzo 10 Review
Realme Narzo 10 Review

Realme Narzo 10 Review: Camera

The Narzo 10 has a quad-camera setup at the back. This compromises the 48MP sensor, 8MP wide-angle sensor, 2MP portrait camera and 2MP macro lens.

The camera app supports AI visual recognition and comes with Chroma Boost, which piles up a pair of images and improves dynamic range. The smartphone also supports 1X, 2X and 5X, but only digital zoom beyond 1X.

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Picture quality is good in bright outdoor lighting. The exact color and detail of the snaps is good. Saying that, if you click pictures of the garden or flowers, the color is off. They are either one shed less or one shade higher than the original picture.

Photos from the Ultravide camera are quite good and show no barrel effect, but you notice some degradation in detail. The camera will disappoint you in low light. Pictures will be soft and full of noise.

On the Realme up front, the Narzo 10 has a 16MP selfie camera, with a focus. Selfies are good but detailing could have been better.

If you want to find out the video recording feature, you can shoot at 1080p. The output is normal, although the phone does not have EIS.


Realme Narzo 10 is a good budget smartphone that offers stable performance. It cannot have a smooth run as it will face stiff competition from its own brothers Realme 6 and Xiaomi.

So should you buy it? Yes, you can consider whether you are a Reality fan, but if the budget can be increased slightly, then you will have a lot of options that offer better performance, performance and charging capability.


  • Looks good, built well
  • Excellent battery life
  • Very good value for money


  • Average overall camera quality
  • Bloatware and spammy notifications

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