Best Star Trek: Fleet Command Review Set Phase Two Stun

On paper, the Star Trek universe is the perfect place to set up a video game. It is also detailed, uncovered by the laws of physics, unbound, and populated with characters, breeds, and technologies that everyone can recognize and are loved by many.

And there is not a definitive Star Trek mobile game yet. While many developers have tried, no one has ever managed to reproduce the magic of the franchise on the small screen.

Skopto try. Star Trek:

Fleet Command is an interstellar base-building MMORPG set in the Calvin timeline (named after the ship whose time-traveling Romulans have uncovered an alternate Star Trek universe featuring Captain Kirk played by Chris Pine and Simon Pegg in Scottish is. ).

Star Trek: Fleet Command Review Set Phase Two Stun
Star Trek: Fleet Command Review Set Phase Two Stun

On which note, it points to the quality of presentation in Star Trek: Fleet Command. Kirk, Scooty, Bones, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, and all look more or less like actors playing each other, in sleek 3D model form.

Elsewhere the graphics are solid, full of detail and never less than fully polished – the solar system’s view witnesses planets, all perfect zoomable 3D areas that correctly illuminate the light of a central star Reflect from The only issue you may have is that the objects on the screen are often too small to be seen in any detail.

If it is, you play it on your mobile. Thanks to the desktop client Bluestacks you can play Star Trek: Fleet Command on your PC, allowing you to enjoy graphics in less cramped conditions.

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Playing the game this way helps you avoid mis-taps and false swipes, reacts to screen events faster, and saves you from running off your battery. If you have a very powerful PC, you should try it out.

In terms of gameplay, if you ever play a game like Clash of Clans, you’ll be on familiar ground.

You play as a freelancer for the Federation. This means that you crew your ships with Federation characters, but you can find yourself in Kingson, Romulans or whatever you like.

These alliances arise from decisions you have made in some missions, where you will be given the option to deceive or please the Klingons who sent you to a goal, for example.

The gameplay falls into two broad areas. On the one hand there is a base-building element of the game, whereby you build various buildings such as a parastel generator, a tritenium warehouse, an R&D department, academy and so on.

You need a perstile for building buildings, and for the tritenium for building ships. You can also get Dilliam, which is the material used for both buildings and ships and Latinum, which allows you to speed up construction time.

Star Trek: Fleet Command Review Set Phase Two Stun
Star Trek: Fleet Command Review Set Phase Two Stun

Buildings and ships can all be leveled, as can your crew, to make them incrementally more capable in areas of expertise. Each character has his or her own skill profile – Kirk is a strategy, for example, to boost the weapon damage of the ship while he is on the ship. Naturally he is also persuasive, promoting attack, defense and health of every officer.

So that the base-building side of the game is very beautiful. Building projects and upgrades are on the timer, but you can combine them with Latinum. Or, you can ask for help from your fellow guild members, just as you can help them. The interface for doing this is incredibly simple and slow, so you’ll definitely be able to sieve yourself as a collection.

The other side of the game sees you flying around in space, exploring the universe, expanding your power and reach, and participating in small missions on the go.

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You will never run out of things in Star Trek: Fleet Command. A diverse supply of missions is always fulfilled, too many basic “kill enemies” jobs, and general instructions to stick to your R&D and construction projects to prevent you from getting lost in the minutiae of space exploration- Stick together.

Star Trek: Fleet Command Review Set Phase Two Stun
Star Trek: Fleet Command Review Set Phase Two Stun

At times Star Trek: Fleet Command feels like a frontier, with you alone in space, plotting to make your way from hyperspace jump point to hyperspace jump point. It is a matter of happiness that you do not have a hand in the game in this regard. Once you accept a mission, it is up to you to find a way on the galaxy map and work on how to get there.

You can randomly pick up enemy ships, plus, hovering a number over them will tell you how likely you are to hire. Also, you can do a bit of mining, although this makes you vulnerable to attack.

Between these two interlocking gameplay hemispheres, Star Trek: Fleet Command has a large amount of money. Fans of the series should enjoy the game’s sense of discovery and its idealized style of characters, while fans of strategy-MMORPGs in general should take the novel over to the genre.

If you choose to go boldly, you will not be disappointed. Watch Star Trek: App Store Now, Goo

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