Best use For Google Slides

If you want a hard copy of the Google Slides presentation for you and other participants, you can print it without speaker notes or print
can do. Speaker notes appear below the slide in a Google Slides document, but not in presentation mode.

This way, A speaker can read slide content verbatim from their notes instead of reading them which can be dull. Here is how How Google Slides are printed with notes, as well as how to add speaker notes in the first place.

Note: These instructions apply to the desktop version of Google Slide on a Mac or Windows computer. You can print Google Slides from the Android or iOS app, But you cannot print slides with notes or print multiple slides per page.

Best use For Google Slides
Best use For Google Slides

How to Print Google Slides

You can print Google Slides on a page with speaker notes, so you can read them away from the computer. Another reason for printing slides is to provide handouts in an event. You can fit up to 9 slides per page to save paper. These options are in the print and preview settings in Google Slides. Here’s how to print Google Slides with speaker notes.

How to Print PowerPoint Slides

  1. Go to and open a presentation.
  2. Click File.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  4. Select Print settings and preview.
  5. Click the down arrow next to 1 slide with notes to access the drop-down menu. Select 1 slide with notes.
    (This option prints out one slide per page with your notes.)
    Tips: Other options include hiding the background (to save ink) and including skipped slides (those that are left blank.)
    6.To save your presentation as a PDF file, click Download as PDF.
  6. Otherwise, click Print. Choose the pages you want to print (if not all of them), how many copies you want, and the color settings.
    You can also print double-sided and change the paper size if necessary.
  7. Click Print again.

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Best use For Google Slides
Best use For Google Slides

How to Add Notes to Google Slides

Adding notes to Google Slides is a good way to protect each of your slides from being too text-heavy and to keep participants engaged.
It is very easy to add and delete notes in Google Slides.

  1. Go to and open a presentation.
    2. At the bottom of any slide, select Click to add speaker notes.
  2. Type your notes and then click elsewhere in the presentation to save them.
    Note: To delete the notes, simply highlight them and press the delete key or right-click and select delete on a Windows computer.

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