Best VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV Review

VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV adds a strong portfolio from VU, though it remains to be seen if this is enough to make a dent in the market.

Wu Television is one of the few players in the television industry who was able to capture the essence of the online market in India. The company has a strong portfolio in various regions of the country and has a strong presence in the recently launched Smart 4K TV range. The brand has introduced three different models under the 4K UHD TV range, with 43-inch (42SU128), 49-inch (49SU131) and 55-inch (55SU138) priced at Rs 36,999, Rs 46,999 and Rs 55,999 respectively.

VU 49-inch Android 4K
VU 49-inch Android 4K

However, things have changed in recent times. Xiaomi has entered the television segment in India with its affordable yet top-notch television, the Mi LED TV 4 and the budget-oriented TV, the Mi TV 4A, the Vu is definitely a serious challenge. So, naturally, the question here is, will it be able to overcome all the obstacles to grab a larger share of market share in India? We spent some time with the device and here is what we think.

VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV!

Before starting VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD review, it is important to note that we have received a 49-inch model for review. So, to start with, the first thing we liked about the device is the display. While it is not the sleekest option available in the market, the VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV comes loaded with an A + grade IPS panel with a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and has 450 nits of brightness.

The TV has a 178-degree viewing angle and has an image refresh rate of 60Hz. This should ideally translate into a good viewing experience and it did. We like the display quality very much on this, the color is close to the source. The DLED backlight source helps provide some clear images and movies, making it a pleasant experience to watch at the end of the day. This, coupled with a front-facing speaker at the base, provides some good audio experience.

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Another plus point of the display is the non-reflective nature, especially missing in the Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4. For sound, the TV is equipped with a 10W + 10W speaker. TV comes with a choice of sound modes including rock, pop, live, dance, techno and more. The sound was quite sharp in nature and more than adequate for hearing in the average room size. Bass and treble is good and Dolby Digital support comes in handy at times.

Now, coming to its major attraction. The Smart VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV is equipped with the official Android TV operating system, a drawback at this price point. The device runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. In our testing, we found that the user interface is quite simple and easy to navigate. However, the TV takes some time to boot.

VU 49-inch Android 4K
VU 49-inch Android 4K

Once VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV is on, you are greeted on the home page, which has all the syndication from Google’s app and sections of the pre-installed app just below it. Content is mostly curated through Google applications such as Google Movie, TV, Music and more. The TV also sports a Google Play Store. Also, there are some third-party apps like Hotstar, Netflix, ALT Balaji, Sony Liv and more.

Another thing we love about the VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV was the Bluetooth-enabled remote control. It has a minimal design and is very easy to operate. The remote also has a voice search facility, which makes it easy to search for content on TV.

VU 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV!

Due to the drawbacks, smart TVs actually have a heavier back panel than other smart TVs. Another thing we did not like about TV was the placement of ports. The power button is at the bottom of the panel, which is kind of odd. In addition, other ports including the headphone jack, composite in, 2 HDMI ports, a USB port and digital audio out port are all behind. If you want to connect your set-top box or gaming console to a TV, it becomes difficult to reach them. The problem gets worse when you put it on the wall.

Secondly, Android TV has a limited number of apps, which again restrict your entire smart experience. There are other third-party stores such as Aptoide, which have a better amount of apps. Third, Chromecast support on TVs is flat in our testing. We tried to insert different content from our other smart devices, but each time it refused to do so. No matter how many times we try to cast, the Chromecast function was quite small in our opinion.

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Similar is the case of pairing a Bluetooth enabled remote control. At the time of installation, we faced a lot of trouble connecting the Bluetooth remote control to the TV. Another thing that bothers us is that television does not notify you of updates and it installs it directly. So, for example, if you are in an action-packed film and at that moment something really interesting is going to happen and the TV automatically turns off to apply a new update. No bliss at all in 4K.

VU 49-inch Android 4K
VU 49-inch Android 4K


To conclude, the Vu 49-inch Android 4K UHD TV certainly has its fair share of hits and misses. The display is quite impressive, but the design can be overwhelming for you if you beautify the area .. The fan stock Android experience is very easy to use, but with a limited number of applications, your reach is limited. Overall, Smart 4K UHD TV has what it takes to give stiff competition to Xiaomi’s Mi LED TV, but this particular TV is quite expensive, affecting the buyer’s decision at the end of the day. You may have to keep a strict eye on after sales service and other service warranty features to make up your mind here.


  • Display
  • Voice Search
  • Audio


  • Buggy Chromecast support
  • A bit bulky at the rear panel
  • Ports placement

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