BNB Chain is Doubling Down on Gaming Through The Internet

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In this week’s episode, I spoke with Gwendolyn Regina, director of investment at the layer-1 Blockchain BNB Chain. Before her present job, Regina worked at Facebook – which is, or as many refer to it today, Meta — building an all-new business unit that focuses on venture capital partnerships and the growth of startups. She’s also the co-founder of several different companies and is a founding team member of an early-stage technology investment firm called Thymos Capital.

As director of investments, Regina looks at new projects, speaks to developers, and oversees BNB Chain’s grant programs, which accept up to 10 projects per month to aid them in their growth within the chain.


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BNB Chain was launched in September 2020. It was launched by Binance the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange according to trading volume.

Since its inception, BNB Chain has aimed to be a decentralized community-owned entity separate that is distinct from Binance with an eye on three groups including builders, retail markets, and developers, and connecting web 2.0 companies to web3. Regina stated. “We’re here too, first and foremost, to develop the blockchain and expand the market.”

While the last year has seen a rocky time for the crypto market BNB’s investment approach takes an overall view that is generally not affected by the market’s events of the day, Regina explained.

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“Our investment thesis isn’t changing however it changes,” Regina joked. “We all know that blockchains and crypto can move extremely quickly and we’re more precise in specific areas, but generally speaking the same thing hasn’t changed.”

Overall, though bear markets along with “mini bulls” throughout the process, “we’re in a phase that everyone is building,” Regina said. “And we’re looking to add the expansion of capabilities on BNB Chain.”

Gaming on the Web3 platform BNB Chain also has grown “organically due to its robustness and lower costs,” but the blockchain’s team is currently “doubling the effort” in the gaming sector to get more developers and gamers to participate and contribute to the chain, Regina added. From the 1 million active daily users, around 40 percent of them are gaming, Regina explained.

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“Our GameFi infrastructure has always been fairly robust, but since things change so rapidly, we’re currently trying to create an all-in-one GameFi infrastructure,” Regina said. “Going on to the investment plan when we review the various topics, we constantly think about what’s not there currently and, more importantly, […] you must consider what is going to be significant in the next six months.”

In the eyes of Regina along with members of the BNB investment team, the investment process is “more than just financial capital; they’re actually a variety of growth incentives” in addition to other aspects.

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