Call Records Will be Done Secretly on the Phones of these Companies, no one will know

Call Recording App: Now you can secretly record any call on your phone. The user in front will never know about this recording. But it can run only on some devices.

A new app has been launched for the smartphones of OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme. In this app, you can record the call of the front user without informing him. That is, when you enable this app, then the person in front will not even know and your work will also be done.

The name of this app is the dialer app. This app supports the Call Recording feature. Last year all third-party call recording apps were removed from the Google Play Store. In such a situation, the companies making smartphones are preparing to integrate this feature into their devices.

Call Records Will be Done Secretly on the Phones of these Companies, no one will know

Most of smartphone makers provide their own dialer app by default in Android smartphones. Some smartphone maker companies have started using the Google Phone app as a dialer in their smartphones. Oppo has added a new dialer with the new ColorOS app. This app has also been given on Google Play Store. This app can be used in Realme, OnePlus, and Oppo phones.

ODialer App Features

  • This app is listed on the Google Play store as ODialer.
  • This app has been prepared as default by the name of ColorOS.
  • And this app also supports the customized user interface of Realme and OnePlus.
  • This app supports only the Android 12 or above operating system.
  • A call management feature is available in Oppo’s dialer app, which sets recent calls into groups according to your needs.
  • Apart from this, the call recording feature is also available in this app. On enabling this feature, the user in front of the call does not know that his call is being recorded.
  • ODialer’s interface is clean and easy to use.
  • A speed dial feature is provided in this, in which you can save your favorite contacts separately.
  • A dark mode theme is supported in this app.

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