Aftab used to beat Shraddha for not eating non-veg, revealed the biggest witness of the murder case

The Delhi Police has also marked the place where Aftab threw the weapon used in the Shraddha murder case. At present, that place has been kept confidential and the search operation is going on there. Shocking facts are coming out in the investigation of Shraddha Walker’s murder in Delhi. In a disclosure by the Delhi … Read more

Don’t be happy to see the bones and hear the story of the murderer in the Shraddha murder case, the picture and the court are yet to come!

Shraddha murder case: In the name of the investigation of the murder of Shraddha, the police are taking steps forward in silence, on the mercy of the suspected murderer. The media is breaking big news without opening the mouth of the police. Don’t be happy to see the bones being recovered and hear the story … Read more

Shraddha Murder: 37 boxes were sent from Mumbai, and police agreed – Aftab is misleading, polygraphy will reveal the secret

Shraddha Murder: A police official said they will trace through Goodluck Packers and Movers Company, using whose account the payment of Rs 20,000 was made in June to send furniture and other household items. Another big revelation has come to light in the investigation of the Shraddha murder case in Delhi. According to the police, … Read more