Beginning on October 5 of this year, Microsoft will stop supporting Swiftkey for iOS.

While Microsoft hasn’t offered any explanation for why Swiftkey is being removed from iOS, some speculate that it may be because of Apple’s tightly-knit ecosystem. According to reports, Microsoft will stop supporting Swiftkey, its predictive keyboard app, for iOS. ZDNet has reported that the tech giant will stop supporting the well-liked keyboard as of October … Read more

Microsoft introduces new technology to close the gap between workers and leaders

Answers in Viva is a new feature that will use AI to match employee questions to answers and experts from across the company to help all employees benefit from collective knowledge. Microsoft is expanding its employee experience platform Microsoft Viva to help businesses create an employee experience customized to the way people currently work. This … Read more

Microsoft would not flag phoney news as untrue in an effort to quell criticism of “Censorship.”

Microsoft’s policy team will inform international governments of its research on propaganda in an effort to persuade them to adopt a set of guidelines for nation-state behavior online. Microsoft Corp. President Brad Smith hinted that the company is taking a different approach than other technology companies in dealing with disinformation in an interview with Bloomberg … Read more