ChatGPT AI on Smartphones? Honor’s CEO has said it can Occur

ChatGPT AI: While Tom’s Guide is joining with the majority of the world’s users to ask ChatGPT and other similar apps any query we can think of it is possible that you have been thinking about what these AIs might perform for phones. In fact, Zhao Ming (or George Zhao) who is the CEO of phone maker Honor has been thinking about this same issue. He also addressed the issue during a Q&A with media during Mobile World Congress 2023, with interesting ideas about chat engines powered by AI and smartphones.

ChatGPT AI on Smartphones? Honor's CEO has said it can Occur

Zhao said that AI is already in use on smartphones, due to the built-in NPU embedded in mobile chipsets. These processors are able to run algorithms that can help in a myriad of issues like photo post-processing.

ChatGPT AI on smartphones

But it’s probably not the type of AI we’re considering with tools like ChatGPT. Zhao did not commit to any specific applications of AI outside of these on-phone applications, but he did say, “[Honor] will consider the possibilities of using AI to improve users’ experience.”

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“Our mission is to collaborate with Qualcomm or other companies to make use of their AI processing capabilities to improve, for instance, the display, and performance of cameras,” said the CEO.

Zhao stated that AIGC (AI-generated content) and ChatGPT are “really incredible” ChatGPT can’t just be something that the industry of phones sit back and enjoy. “We can’t just look at and then say ‘OK, fantastic!'” he said.

According to Zhao Zhao, the biggest issue when it comes to determining the best applications is the lack of processors that are built into smartphones. As powerful as the top-performing smartphones are, you require plenty of resources to create a chatbot that is modern. Therefore, these technologies will need to depend on cloud-based technology, Zhao explained, much like ChatGPT and other types of content-generating AI used today.

When it comes to Microsoft, Zhao also mentioned that he’d be willing to sign up to collaborate with the company, which is a significant AI investor that is using the GPT model of language which ChatGPT is based on to create its AI-powered brand-new Bing. “Of course, if we get the chance, we could work in partnership with Microsoft,” Zhao said.

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Microsoft is already in solid connection with the Android platform which is why a collaboration like this doesn’t seem out of the question. However, the possibility of a partnership is very slim. If Microsoft would like to apply its AI to smartphones, maybe it could be used as a unique selling point to revive its clever but uninteresting Surface Duo series of foldable phones.

In closing, Zhao said it would be essential to keep people who use the system in mind, no matter what the AI was utilized for, stressing the fact that designing for humans is “very crucial to Honor.”

“I believe that AI technology could really help those who are in need of it in a certain way. They require more care and Honor’s dedication to the field,” added Zhao, using Honor’s latest Magic5 Pro, with its Dynamic Dimming system as a specific illustration of how AI can be utilized to help customers in an entirely different manner. The Magic5 Pro’s dynamic Dimming system is able to alter display brightness depending on changes in light conditions throughout the day.

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ChatGPT along with the latest flurry of AI-powered applications is making for an exciting period in the tech industry and a variety of companies have announced their plans to use ChatGPT. For example, Samsung has been open about plans to find the right AI partner to further enhance its smartphones.

It could take some time before the most advanced version of AI is able to be applied to phones at a hardware level Zhao’s response is a clear signal that the mobile industry’s managers are weighing their options for the future.

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