Cloudflare Prevented a Major Cyber Attack on the Crypto Platform

Cloudflare prevented a major cyber attack: The attack reportedly lasted less than 15 seconds and targeted a crypto launchpad.

Cloudflare, a web security major, has confirmed that they have successfully stopped one of the largest-scale denial-of-service or DDoS attacks on record, targeting an unidentified cryptocurrency company. . The attack was detected by Cloudflare’s defense system and the system stopped it on its own. The system was installed by the company for one of its customers. The attack reached 15.3 million (15.3 million) requests-per-second (rps), which, according to Cloudflare, is the largest HTTPS DDoS attack the company has ever intercepted.

Cloudflare prevented a major cyber attack on the crypto platform

The attack reportedly lasted less than 15 seconds and targeted a crypto launchpad. Cloudflare Experts said in a blog post that this launchpad is “used to introduce Decentralized Finance (Defi) projects to potential investors.”

The blog post said the botnet used by the attacker consisted of about 6,000 unique bots that originated from more than 1,300 different networks in 112 countries around the world, with about 15 percent of the traffic coming from Indonesia. Other countries that generate the most traffic include Russia, Brazil, India, Colombia, and the US.

The Cloudflare researchers did not name the botnet but said it was a botnet they had an eye on and that they have seen massive attacks of up to 10 million rps by matching botnets.

As described by Cloudflare, a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack is essential “the general destruction of the target server, service, or network by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic.” makes an attempt to obstruct traffic.”

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