Trees Fallen: Crores of Trees Were hit by the Storm, the Weather Wreaked Havoc in the Capital

We considered you as the God of love, like a stone. The tree tried to contain the stone firmly in its roots, but a stone is a stone after all. There can be no soil in it. That’s why many trees that somehow stood on the stones were destroyed in a storm.

The Court had said this thing

To calculate the value of a tree, in January 2020, a Supreme Court bench of Chief Justice SA Bobde told the Expert Committee in the matter of cutting trees that the value of the tree is only from the wood received from it. Do not put The economic value of the tree should be calculated on the basis of how much oxygen a tree gives in a year and how many benefits it gives to the environment. This hearing was being done in the case of cutting 356 trees to build 5 over bridges on the railway line in West Bengal.

Trees Fallen Crores of trees were hit by the storm, the weather wreaked havoc in the capital

Expert Committee Report

The Expert Committee had submitted a report in February 2021, according to which the age of the tree can be calculated by multiplying it by 74 thousand 500 rupees. That is if a tree is 1 year old then 74 thousand 500 and if it is more than 10 years old then its cost is 7 lakh 45 thousand. If a tree lasts more than 100 years, then its cost will be around 1 crore.

44 Crore Loss!

Now imagine that 300 trees fell in Delhi only in yesterday’s rain. If the average age of each tree is taken even 20 years, then according to this formula, there was a loss of 20 * 74,500 * 300 i.e. 44 crores 70 lakh rupees in Delhi yesterday. NDMC has sought help from NDRF and South MCD to remove trees from Lutyens’ Zone in Delhi. The committee had also suggested that instead of building new highways, governments should work on improving railways and alternative modes of water transport.

The Committee had Given Suggestions

The committee had also said in the suggestions that instead of cutting the trees, they should be relocated i.e. planted elsewhere. The committee had also raised questions on the formula for planting 5 saplings when a tree is cut. According to the committee, nothing will be achieved by planting 5 plants in lieu of cutting down a 100-year-old tree. The committee had suggested that 10 saplings should be planted instead of a small tree, 25 for a medium tree, and 50 for a big tree.

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