Describe ChatGPT Plus. Everything we understand about the top tier

Although ChatGPT is entirely free to use, OpenAI nevertheless has a financial incentive to do so.

With the ChatGPT Plus subscription model, you can access a whole different GPT-4-based service with quicker speeds and more dependable access.

What is ChatGPT Plus?

Insider information about ChatGPT Plus had been leaking for weeks, but on February 1, 2023, OpenAI, the company that created the well-known generative text AI, finally made the formal announcement.

The blog post explains that the purpose of launching ChatGPT as a research preview was to “learn more about the system’s strengths and weaknesses, and gather user feedback to help us improve upon its limitations.” Since then, “millions of people have provided us with feedback, we’ve made several significant updates, and we’ve seen users find value across a range of professional use cases, including writing and editing content, coming up with ideas, getting assistance with programming, and learning new topics.”

Describe ChatGPT Plus. Everything we understand about the top tier

Like ChatGPT Standard, ChatGPT Plus is an AI chatbot that provides a highly precise machine learning helper and can conduct natural language “chats.” The chatbot’s most recent iteration is the one that is currently accessible.

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What is the price?

A lot less than it was rumoured to cost, ChatGPT Plus has a monthly fee of $20. Naturally, ChatGPT’s free version is still available, so using the service in the future won’t involve paying.

But it will be interesting to see how long OpenAI maintains this price. The cost of running ChatGPT Plus has been reported to be as high as $700,000 a day, though we are unsure of the exact number of members it currently has.

What is included with ChatGPT Plus?

The main advantage of purchasing ChatGPT Plus is having access to ChatGPT during busy hours. The success of the subscription model should be guaranteed by the fact that some people have to wait for hours to enter. Even if it’s unclear what the new features will be, the thought of having early access to upgrades and new features is intriguing.

But it’s not just a matter of moving to the front of the queue. This most recent large language model (LLM), GPT-4, is officially supported by ChatGPT Plus, substantially enhancing what conventional ChatGPT, which employs GPT-3.5, can do. According to OpenAI, GPT-4 is a considerably more effective collaborative tool for creative activities and offers 40% more factual responses. Although we are still learning exactly how much more powerful GPT-4 is than GPT-3.5, some researchers think it may even include early signs of AGI (artificial general intelligence).

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Other significant enhancements made possible by GPT-4 include access to data obtained from the internet before 2022, the capacity to receive visual input rather than just text, and substantially lengthier text inputs and outputs. In contrast to ChatGPT’s 3,000-word limit, GPT-4 has a staggering 25,000-word limit.

Why does OpenAI require payment from you?

Due to ChatGPT’s popularity, there is an urgent need to increase its accessibility and speed to a larger user base. This is due to ChatGPT’s high operating costs, which include hosting, maintenance, updating, upgrading hardware, paying investors, etc. Some estimates put the cost of operation at $100,000 per day, or up to $3 million per month! Upgrades to the servers should be covered by the premium subscription.

It’s safe to believe that OpenAI will be able to manage bandwidth concerns with a premium subscription, especially during busy times of the day.

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Can I sign up for ChatGPT Plus right away?

Yes. Initially, early access to ChatGPT Plus was only available via invitation after being placed on a waitlist. However, you can now just click “Upgrade to Plus” at the bottom of the sidebar to upgrade your account to ChatGPT Plus.

Alternatively, you can use Bing Chat, which also uses GPT-4 as the foundation for its chats, to explore some of what GPT-4 has to offer.

Future plans for ChatGPT Plus

The most notable of these LLM updates being developed by OpenAI is GPT-4.5. We don’t know a lot about this revised model other than the fact that it will build on GPT-4’s base. In the past, OpenAI has predicted that GPT-4.5 might be trained to completion and available to use by September or October of this year.

Although it is likely that GPT-4.5 will be made available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, we are still unsure of the company’s plans for releasing further iterations of its chatbot.

GPT-5 was allegedly in development at one point, but according to OpenAI, it is no longer even on the roadmap.

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