Don’t be happy to see the bones and hear the story of the murderer in the Shraddha murder case, the picture and the court are yet to come!

Shraddha murder case: In the name of the investigation of the murder of Shraddha, the police are taking steps forward in silence, on the mercy of the suspected murderer. The media is breaking big news without opening the mouth of the police.

Don’t be happy to see the bones being recovered and hear the story of the murderer in the Shraddha murder case. Because in such sensational bloody cases, the picture often remains till the end. Because after the police investigation, the court is also pending. The investigation agency drags the cases related to the Shraddha Walker murder case to the court by exerting force from heel to toe. Some of them end up in the higher courts of the country like the Chawla gangrape and murder cases. That’s why now is the time to come out in the Shraddha murder case with patience, just to watch every aspect silently with a keen eye.

Because it doesn’t take long for even the best police investigation to fall upside down as soon as it reaches the court. TV9 Bharatvarsh is telling the inside story on the basis of all such points. The mouth-to-mouth accounts of the country’s famous investigative officers, forensic science experts, and legal luminaries. During a special conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh, the country’s famous forensic medicine expert Dr. K.L. Sharma said, “Now that the weapon saw used in the Shraddha murder case has been found. So, at present, the investigation can be said to be moving towards strength.

Forensic medicine experts said

Ainda but this strength will be proved right when the court accepts it (seized weapon Aari) as a weapon used in the crime! The court will accept this only when the police can get the blood stains from the saw and the fibers of Shraddha’s flesh from the forensic science expert. Blood stains and meat fibers from the top of the saw can be said to be rare or else only a very capable forensic science expert will be able to find them. I don’t think it is beyond the power of every forensic science expert present in today’s crowd to hand over the chemically cleaned saw to the investigating agency after finding blood stains and flesh fibers on top.

Lawyers grow from the point of view of an advocate

In this regard, Dr. A.P., is a senior criminal lawyer in the Supreme Court of India and an advocate in the Supreme Court of the convicted criminals in the Nirbhaya case. Singh told TV9 Bharatvarsh, “At this time it is very difficult for a responsible lawyer like me to speak on the Shraddha murder case. Because it is a question of life and death of justice for the dead girl (Shraddha Walker) and the accused of killing her, the suspected murderer Aftab Amin Poonawalla. Since I am a criminal lawyer, I believe in presenting my arguments in front of the judge in court. If I stand in the court as a lawyer for Shraddha, I will support the investigation agency’s investigation to get maximum punishment for the accused. If I appear before the court as a defense lawyer (in defense of the murderer), I will try to prove the weakness of the investigating agency and its evidence under any circumstances.”

Everything is possible for investigation in the court

Still, what do you think about the status of a criminal lawyer only, not as a lawyer for any side? When asked, AP Singh said, “In answer to this question, I would only say that if Nirbhaya’s killers can be hanged in the country. And the accused of the Chhawla gangrape, kidnapping and murder can be acquitted with honor even after carrying out the murder. Then what will be the condition of the case after going to court? Only the court will decide this. That’s why I believe that right now the media and the public need not be happy seeing the bones being dug up by the Delhi Police on the statement of the suspected murderer. Because both the picture and the court are still pending. Wait for this, what does the police file the charge sheet in the court? My criminal lawyer will put his feet in the court after sorting out the shortcomings in the charge sheet. Because the story of the police ends on the charge sheet itself and the legal eyes of the court start looking at the case.

It is wrong to speak before the charge sheet

TV9 Bharatvarsh spoke to Advocate Satendra Sharma, senior criminal lawyer of Delhi’s Tis Hazari Court, and Sueb Ilyasi’s wife, Anju Ilyasi alias Anju Singh, who was Anju’s legal advocate in the murder case. According to Satendra Sharma, “Right now only the noise of media and police is visible and heard. It has become a common thing in the country to see and hear after every such sensational incident. I am waiting for the charge sheet of this case to be filed in court. Because the charge sheet is the only legal document which is for the court-court, the judge, the lawyer, and the law. After filing the charge sheet, the law in the police court is not left in a position to do anything else.

To prove his charge sheet right, he has to fight till he is not punished in the trial. That’s why in the trial of any sensational incident, the lawyer also wants to read the copy of the charge sheet first. On the basis of that, we (criminal lawyers) start the litigation. In the Shraddha murder case, it is not right to accept everything only on the basis of the recovery of bones and the statements of the accused. It is possible that the whole case will change as soon as it reaches the court.

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