‘Electronic Tattoo’ will tell your Blood Pressure, Scientists have Created a New Device, this is how it works

Electronic Tattoo: Changing lifestyles has increased the number of patients with heart-related diseases. At the same time, blood pressure has become common now. Once it was seen as a link to age, but today people are struggling with the problem of blood pressure from 25-26 years. This later becomes the cause of trouble for our hearts. There are many such devices on the market, which claim to measure accurate blood pressure. Nowadays, wristbands are also being used a lot. Companies claim that they measure blood pressure consistently and accurately. Despite this, people have faith in the traditional method of measuring blood pressure. Now scientists have found another way to do this.

The tattoo can play an accurate and important role in measuring blood pressure. You must be thinking that how is this possible. Researchers have developed an ‘electronic tattoo‘ that can be worn comfortably for hours. It is claimed that it measures blood pressure more accurately than all the options currently available.

'Electronic Tattoo' will tell your Blood Pressure, Scientists have Created a New Device, this is how it works

Deji Akinwande, one of the co-leaders of the project, says that while blood pressure is the most important indicator you can measure, it is difficult to measure it outside the clinic without a device in hand. Electric Tattoos can make this task easier.

news9live has written in its report that while a traditional blood pressure test measures the blood pressure level at a specific time, the electronic tattoo allows continuous monitoring in all types of conditions. It works even when the user is sleeping. Exercising or under a lot of stress. Roozbeh Jafri, associated with the project, says that there are many limitations to measuring blood pressure. In fact, it does not tell how our body is working.

The report says that the smartwatches with light-based sensors in the market are not fully ready to measure blood pressure. The reason for this is that the watch can slip from the wrist and in dark skin, the sensor also faces some technical problems. The case of electronic tattoos is different. It stays completely attached to the hand and does not move.

To measure blood pressure, an electric current is injected into the skin with the help of a tattoo. It directly reaches our blood and gives accurate results. The device can monitor blood pressure continuously for 24 hours. The paper related to the project has been published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. This technique has been developed by a team from the University of Texas. It is expected that in the coming time, it will change the way of measuring blood pressure and people will be able to get accurate results.

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