Elon Musk immediately called Twitter employees to the office, asked them to give details of work for the last six months

Twitter owner Elon Musk has sent a message to his employees, saying that anyone who writes software should come to the 10th floor at 2 pm today. In the email, Musk asked software engineers to come to San Francisco and reach Twitter’s office. Musk further said that those who are physically unable to come to the Bay area or have problems due to some emergency in the family, do not need to come.

What did Musk say in the e-mail?

The engineers have been asked to send Musk a bullet-point summary of the coding work they’ve done over the past six months. Along with this, at least 10 screenshots of the most important lines of code are also to be sent. He said in a follow-up email that the meetings would be short and that they were being done to help Musk understand Twitter’s tech system.

Twitter was forced to close its office hours before the email. The reason for this was that many employees had resigned from the company after Musk’s extremely difficult working environment ultimatum.

Why are employees angry with the company?

Musk asked his employees to choose between working long hours and losing their jobs. According to a New York Times report, at least 1,200 employees resigned on Friday. He said that there is a lot of confusion about who will still get access to the company’s property.

Let us tell you that ever since the world’s richest man Elon Musk became the new boss of Twitter, he has taken many big decisions one after the other. His decision also affected the functioning of the microblogging site Twitter. Meanwhile, he announced a new Twitter policy. He announced this on Friday. He said that Twitter will no longer promote and promote negative tweets. He further said that you will not find negative tweets unless you specifically search for them.

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