Estonian PM calls for Discrediting’ Russian tool of Aggression

Estonian Premier Kaja Kallas Kaja Kallas urged his fellow citizens in the West to “discredit” Russia’s weapon for aggression against Ukraine to stop future attacks, during an AFP interview prior to the anniversary of the invasion.

“We must make the costs of this war higher than the… benefits this,” Kallas said Thursday in the Estonian capital Tallinn.

“If this violence pays off in Ukraine the result serves as an opportunity to employ it in other countries. We must completely eliminate the weapon of violence,” she told AFP.

In other words, “the signal to… all aggressors or potential aggressors around the globe is that this is a win-win situation. Utilize it.”

Estonian PM calls for Discrediting' Russian tool of Aggression


Estonia, a former Soviet republic that is today a NATO as well as an EU member that shares borders with Russia is an unwavering supporter of Ukraine since day one and has repeatedly called on its allies to put their support behind the war-ravaged country.

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The Baltic state of just 1.3 million people is one of the largest donors, with its contribution to Ukraine in the last year topping one percent of the GDP.

In response to questions about finding a compromise between providing help for Kyiv in exchange for arming their nation, Kallas said Estonia’s defense “starts with Ukraine.”

“So for as long as they’re fighting there, they’re weakening the same enemy we are.”

“Just not right” –

On the anniversary day, and also on the day prior to the Estonian Independence Day, Kallas called for Russia to be accountable for its actions “to end this cycle of Russia and its neighbors.”

“Russia is the only powerful imperialist country… around the globe,” Kallas charged.

Estonia has also expressed concern about Russian athletes potentially taking part at Russia’s participation in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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“It isn’t correct,” Kallas said, saying”that “for Russia, sports is an instrument of soft power.”

In a further symbolic act of renouncing the history, Estonia has been removing monuments to the Soviet war which took off following Ukraine’s invasion. Ukraine.

“When we gained our independence after independence, we faced many worries. When the conflict began, it brought all the wounds to light,” Kallas said.

However, she warned that the current policy toward Ukraine and Russia could be in the balance during the parliamentary elections on the 5th of March.

“My most powerful rival believes that we shouldn’t aid Ukraine or should not support Ukraine,” she said of her ultra-rightist opponents.

– ‘One victim’ –

Even though he’s running for reelection back home, Kallas has been touted as a possible contender to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as NATO’s chief.

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“It is extremely unlikely that I’ll be offered such an opportunity,” Kallas said, thanking Stoltenberg for her job as secretary general.

She also said that the country’s voice is being known internationally.

“I love to say that when you’re not known by anyone and nobody can tell about you when you’re gone.”

When asked about how the war between Russia and Ukraine in Ukraine could be ended, Kallas said it would take place “when Russians will go back to their boundaries.”

“There is an obvious aggressor and a the victim… If Russia returns to their borders there is nothing they’ve lost and that’s how the war must come to an end.”

“I don’t think I should be worried about the face of Putin since the entire media is in his hands… It’s not the democratic system and they are able to handle the face of their choice.”

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