Eventually, Meta Quest Pro will Support WiFi 6E.

Meta will soon roll out the most recent Quest firmware, and it comes with an extremely useful feature that is geared toward Meta Quest Pro users. Meta’s top-of-the-line VR headset has been upgraded to include WiFi 6E compatibility. If you’ve got an appropriate router and an internet connection, the headset can support speeds as high as 1.6 Gbps.

Eventually, Meta Quest Pro will Support WiFi 6E.

Speedier downloads can be handy for those trying an additional feature that will be accessible across the entire range of models (except the first model which is not available, regrettably). Once you’ve installed the firmware v53 you’ll be able to update all your apps prior to when the headset is shut down. Meta states that this can make it easier to avoid waiting for a software update each time you start your headset. This could only be efficient for the most avid Quest users, however. If you are prone to going several weeks without a VR session, then you may have to update your apps each time you turn on your headset again. You can choose to not use this feature through the power-off menu.

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There’s a second tool that helps parents and guardians monitor what their children can access via Quest. Quest browser. A Quest Browser website category filter is pretty easy to explain. It is able to restrict websites that fall within specific categories, like terrorists, gambling, or hate. The filters are linked to specific accounts but not to devices and can be configured via the section for the supervision of parents on the Quest mobile application.

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Regarding the Meta Quest Browser, it allows you to stream Twitch there (unless the parent or guardian tells you that they don’t). In addition, Meta is moving some advanced camera settings it’s been testing out of to the Experimental Settings panel into the main camera settings. In addition, users will finally have the ability to record videos using stereo audio rather than only mono.

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