FIFA World Cup: Team threatened by a missile attack, tight security till the sky, watch video

The countdown to the Football World Cup has begun. Almost all the teams have reached to participate in the FIFA World Cup starting in Qatar on 20 November. Meanwhile, the Polish team reached Qatar with special security. The Polish team was taken to Qatar for the World Cup under the protection of an F16 fighter plane. In fact, a few days back two people were killed in a missile attack in Poland, after which the national team was also given tight security.

The Poland team also shared a video of this security on its official Twitter account, in which two fighter jets are seen flying behind a plane. On which the Republic of Poland is written.

ejected safely from the Airspace

According to Polish media reports, fighter planes followed the flight of the national team until it left Poland’s airspace. Poland’s team will play its first match in the World Cup on 22 November.

Effect of war between Russia and Ukraine

In fact, a few days back a missile crash took place in a village in Poland, on which there was a lot of hue and cry. 2 people died in this. Poland is a member of NATO and this happened for the first time in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine when the missile fell on it.

Poland is in Group C

Talking the Poland team, is in Group C along with Mexico, Argentina, and Saudi Arabia. Poland will start its campaign against Mexico. After 4 days there will be a challenge from Saudi Arabia. Poland will take on Argentina in its last group-stage match on 30 November.

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