GeForce Experience: Using It

If you own an Nvidia graphics card installed in your computer, you’re probably aware you can play various games at high frame rates. Based on how fresh the graphics card you have, you might be able to run the most popular PC games using every setting turned to the max without noticing any stutter or glitch.

However, if you’d like to see if you can make your gaming experience better or look more appealing with one of the top gaming laptops or Gaming PCs Nvidia offers a specific software program that you can use to make your games to work with gaming graphics cards. It’s known as GeForce Experience, and if you own an Nvidia card, it’s likely to be installed on your computer.

GeForce Experience Using It

If you’ve not yet used GeForce Experience, you should be aware that it comes with numerous tools that you can utilize to tweak the performance of your GPU, take gameplay footage and photos and much more. In this guide , I’ll guide you through using GeForce Experience to make your games appear as stunning and guide you through some techniques you can perform with it.

Find out how you can optimize your PC’s performance using GeForce Experience, which is also only feasible if the computer is running an Nvidia graphics card.

It doesn’t have to be the most recent model, though; it’s true that Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series card can do the trick, however old Nvidia cards can benefit the benefits of GeForce Experience.

How to use GeForce Experience

  1. Make sure GeForce Experience is running and installed
  2. Then, you can open the GeForce Enjoy and improve games in one click
  3. Explore the Settings menu to make more complicated modifications
  4. You can enable image scaling to get greater performance
  5. Allow the overlay to be used in-game to fine-tune your control
  6. Press Alt-Z to open the GeForce Experience overlay when you play
  7. Make use of the in-game overlay for additional performance adjustments

Make sure GeForce Experience is running and installed

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You must ensure you have Nvidia’s GeForce Experience application is running on your computer to be able to utilize it. It is possible to download GeForce Experience via Nvidia’s website. Nvidia website(opens in a new tab) in case you do not already have it installed.

When GeForce Experience is installed, begin to launch it (the easiest method is to click the Start button, search for GeForce Experience, then hit Enter when it appears in results of your search) and look at the things it’s capable of doing.

Then, you can open the GeForce Enjoy and improve games in one click

If you’ve got GeForce Experience installed on your computer GeForce Experience software running, you’ll probably be viewing the Home screen, which should display games that are that are installed on your computer.

If you are missing some games, it is possible to tell GeForce Experience to scan your PC for games that can be played and add them to the list by pressing on the … option located in the upper right corner of the screen and clicking Scan for games and applications. It is also possible to instruct GeForce Experience to do its best to optimize the settings of every game to ensure maximum performance by choosing Optimize games and applications.

Explore the Settings menu to make more complicated modifications

There is a lot more to use this GeForce Experience software by digging into the Settings menu accessible via the gear button located in the upper-right part of the software.

You can enable image scaling to get greater performance

There’s a lot you can examine within the Settings menu of GeForce Experience, such as an overview of your system’s most important settings as well as a brief overview of the ways it can perform tasks such as playing VR games streaming gameplay, taking pictures in-game (using Nvidia’s Ansel technology) and much more.

This is a valuable piece of information, however, there are also advanced settings that you can activate in this section to improve the performance of your computer games. Make sure to activate Image Scaling if you can test the performance improvement it brings. In ideal circumstances, the Nvidia Image Scaling feature improves game performance by rendering the frames of gameplay in smaller resolution (meaning it is able to draw them faster and more efficiently and thus provide more frames per second) and then scaling them up to the resolution you’re playing in with Nvidia’s graphical enhancement technology. Therefore, you can choose to specify rendering resolution and sharpening level in the GeForce Experience settings menu and the software will utilize the specified values when you go into the next game.

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The smaller the lower your render resolution (from 59 percent to 85 percent of the resolution you are playing at) the higher number of frames you’ll be seeing while playing. This could make the game appear differently than you expected therefore you must play around using this feature in different resolutions to test how it affects the performance of your most played games.

Allow the overlay to be used in-game to fine-tune your control

In the Settings menu, you’ll find an option to toggle the overlay that is in-game. It’s located near an option to open its settings. It is important to ensure that the In-Game Overlay is turned on to allow players to activate GeForce Experience. GeForce Experience overlay in-game by pressing Alt + Z. Once you’ve got it, you can perform advanced tricks, such as streaming your gameplay via Twitch Applying filters and snapping photos, adjusting the settings for performance, and more.

Press Alt-Z to open the GeForce Experience overlay when you play

After you’ve got installed the GeForce Experience software running and you’re confident that the in-game overlay feature is turned on it’s possible to press your Alt + Z key combination when playing games to launch GeForce Experience’s overlay. GeForce Experience overlay.

From this page, you can take images, browse through your gallery of photos and alter your performance settings. It is also possible to turn on an Instant Replay feature that will automatically record your video while you play (up to a set limit) to allow you to quickly launch it in order to record video of whatever you played while playing.

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Make use of the in-game overlay for additional performance adjustments

Explore the section on the performance of In-Game Overlay and you’ll be presented with a live readout of the most important statistics like the CPU and GPU’s use temperatures, voltage ratings, temperature, and other similar information. These are important statistics for those who want to squeeze every amount of performance out of your PC by using overclocks however if you prefer not, you’re in good company that Nvidia’s software will perform the task for you.

Just enable automatic tuning within the Performance overlay, and the GeForce Experience software will try its best to optimize your GPU and CPU for the highest performance. You’ll have to accept an acknowledgment that this type of overclocking may result in your PC becoming overheated or even become unstable it is a very unlikely but extremely possible scenario.

If you’re not sure about it, don’t think you should do this. Everything else in this article is safe to use and will result in at the very least a slight improvement in your gaming PC’s performance.

If you’ve reached this point then you’re prepared to make use of Nvidia’s no-cost Geforce Experience application to optimize your PC’s performance and make better use of it when gaming.

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