Google Finance will make it easier to follow TSLA rollercoaster with new design

Google Finance is one of those sites that I wouldn’t say I actively use, as it never offered a lot in terms of personalization, but it’s incredibly useful whenever I need financial information about a company. 

On Wednesday, Google announced a thorough redesign of both the desktop and mobile versions of the site, making it easier to find relevant info and enabling users to build their personal watchlists. 

Google also made the design a bit more colorful, and added explanations and descriptions of key terms and stats which show up when you hover over terms. 

Note that watchlist feature is available in the current version of Google Finance, but is way more rudimentary. The new version will let you create multiple watchlists, as well as feed you info on the top moving stocks across your watchlists. 

The redesign comes amid a massive surge of interest in stocks, many of which recently hit all-time-high levels, especially in the tech sector (though a recent pullback poured some water on the bull run). 

Google says more features are coming soon. The company will expand the Watchlist feature “later this year,” enabling users to build their own personal portfolio and track daily gains and losses, as well as news relevant to the stocks they follow. 

The redesigned Google Finance is coming to the U.S. “in the coming weeks,” and even more features will follow “shortly.”

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