Google New Policy: Oh Ram! From today, Google has banned all the apps with Call Recording, know why such a big step had to be taken

May 11 i.e. from today Google is bringing a new policy for the people. We will also tell you about that policy, but before that let us tell you that Google had told you about the changes in its policies in the past, that is, last month as well. That all call recording apps from Play Store will be banned. This change in Google has come into effect today. Along with this, let us tell you that there will be no change in this feature in the phones coming with the inbuilt call recording feature. Because the Cupertino-based tech giant has been against call recording apps and services for many years. The company believes that if any company records the call, then it will have to tamper with the privacy of the users.

Google New Policy Oh Ram! From today, Google has banned all the apps with Call Recording, know why such a big step had to be taken

This is the reason that when a call is recorded on Google’s own dialer app, an alert of ‘this call is now being recorded’ comes at that time. And when this recording is about to start, people on both sides can hear this alert clearly. In Android 10, Google has blocked call recording by default. And to avoid this restriction, now Play Store apps have started using Accessibility API to record calls. As soon as Google will implement these changes today. So after that, it will not be possible to make any changes.

Google said that Google’s policy is limited to third-party call recording apps on the Play Store only. The native call recording function will not be affected on phones like Google Pixels or Xiaomi phones with Mi Dialer.

On the Google side, if you want to use the call recorder feature on an Android smartphone, there are some brands that offer it as an in-built feature on their devices. The list includes Xiaomi / Redmi / Mi, Samsung, Oppo, Poco, OnePlus, Reality, Vivo and Tecno.

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