According to Reports, Google Intends to Permit Businesses to use AI-Generated Advertising Content.

AI-Generated: According to the Financial Times, Google’s advertising clients will soon be able to design advertising campaigns using the company’s generative AI. The internet company appears to be preparing to integrate its generative AI, which powers its Bard chatbot, into its Performance Max program.

Customers may currently use Performance Max to develop straightforward ad copy and decide where their ads should display. But according to The Times, the AI’s integration will enable it to produce sophisticated ads that resemble those created by marketing firms.

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According to reports, the business has given its advertising clients a presentation titled “AI-powered ads 2023,” in which it claims that its technology can create adverts based on the images, videos, and texts they provide. Google also assured them that the ads its AI produces will target the right demographic and be built to help businesses hit sales targets and other objectives.

According to Reports, Google Intends to Permit Businesses to use AI-Generated Advertising Content.

According to the Times, at least one person expressed concerns about the potential for Google’s advertising tool to spread false information because it may be tailored to convert new customers without regard for accuracy. For instance, when Google originally advertised Bard on Twitter, the chatbot made the untrue claim that the James Webb Space Telescope had captured “the very first pictures of a planet outside of our own solar system.”

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The very first pictures of exoplanets that we had ever seen were actually taken by the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory. Google has promised the Financial Times that it will implement strict safeguards to stop mistakes and false information when it launches AI-powered advertisements in the upcoming months.

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