Google is not at the top just like that, it gives bribes of billions of dollars to these companies, alleges the Department of Justice

Washington, September 09: The US Justice Department told a federal judge that Google is illegally paying billions of dollars annually to remain the top search engine. However, attorney Kenneth Dintzer would not disclose how much it costs Google to be the default search engine on most browsers and all US mobile phones. However, he said that the amount is huge.

Justice Department did not disclose the amount

Justice Department attorney Kenneth Dintzer described the payments as “huge numbers” that are being paid by Google to telecommunications giants and companies that include companies such as Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. During a hearing in Washington, attorney Kenneth Dintzer told Judge Amit Mehta that Google invests billions in the default program knowing people will not change it. Google specifically is buying the default. Because defaults matter a lot.

Gives bribe to remain in default

Dintzer said Google knows people don’t pay that much attention. They have to search, no matter what the medium is… In such a situation, Google gives billions of rupees to companies to remain in the default specification. The basis of this antitrust lawsuit is Google’s contract, which alleges the company sought to maintain its online search monopoly in violation of antitrust laws. Along with this, the state attorney general has also filed a parallel antitrust suit against Google.

The case was run in the Trump era

However, the formal trial is not expected to start this year. For the first time on Thursday, both parties kept their point on Google’s business. Explain that the state’s attorney general has already filed an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company Meta. The first major attempt at the power of these tech giants was filed during the days of former President Donald Trump. At the same time, continuous efforts are on to end the monopoly of the giant tech company under the rule of President Joe Biden and this was the first attempt in that direction.

Can Google harm the economy?

The White House on Thursday outlined six principles for reforming the Big Tech platform. It hosted a roundtable with experts to discuss how giant tech platforms could be hurting the economy and children’s health. Google lawyer John Schmitlin said the US Justice Department and state governments are misreading the market and focusing too much on smaller search engines like Microsoft Corp, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

Who is competing with Google?

Schmidlin said that instead of these search companies, Google is facing fierce competition from companies such as Meta, Amazon, TikTok, GrubHub, and dozens of others. Schmidt further said that you don’t have to go to Google to shop on Amazon, and you don’t have to go to Google to buy plane tickets on Expedia. The reality is that even if Google doesn’t face competition every now and then, it doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t face stiff competition.

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