Google Maps’ new feature Area Busyness will save you from crowded places during the Corona period

Google Maps Google Maps has started rolling out a new feature. This will highlight the busiest areas of your city or town. This feature called ‘Area Business’ is designed to help you avoid the crowd. This feature helps in detecting more crowds than usual around you or in any part of the city. This feature works on all platforms including Android to iOS. Users across the world, including India, can start experiencing the ‘Area Business’ feature by updating Google Maps on their devices.

The ‘Area Business’ feature was announced last month. This feature displays live business trends on Google Maps to show the busiest areas of the city. It has been claimed about business trends that these are based on location history. Google collects it through people who have selected it from their Google account.

Google Maps' new feature Area Busyness will save you from crowded places during the Corona period

In a blog post, Google has explained that with the help of this data, it can be calculated that how busy a place is usually in every hour of the week.

Such places are labeled “busy areas” on Google Maps. A full chart of the busy areas can be seen with a single tap. Along with information on restaurants, shops, and other locations in the area, the chart shows how busy that area is at different times of the day.

Google has confirmed to Gadgets 360 that the Area Business feature is now available for users worldwide and India is also a part of the rollout.

Business-related information is part of Google Maps since 2016. It can be found by tapping on a particular place on Google Maps. Last year also, Google Maps introduced indicators showing busy and less busy areas on its platform.

The new update coincides with the introduction of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. With the help of this feature, people can avoid going to crowded places.

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