Google shuts down ‘Translation’ service! Big blow to China

The world’s largest search engine Google has stopped the google translate service in China. Google Translate was one of the select services provided by Google in China. Google had to say on this subject that Google Translate is less used in China, due to which the company is discontinuing its service.

Google translate service closed in china

On the other hand, many users of China were informed about the closure of the Google Translate service in their social media posts. People said that even the translation feature available in the Google Chrome browser is no longer working in China. At the same time, Google has not yet told how many users in China have been deprived of taking advantage of the Google Translate service. Google launched the Translate app in China in 2017.

blame on china

China has always been keeping a close watch on China. China has been accused of collecting the personal data of millions of citizens. According to the report, it is believed that knowing the personal information of people helps the Chinese government to maintain authoritarian rule. However, the Chinese government has denied such allegations.

Google in trouble in China

Let us tell you that Google has to face many difficulties in doing business in China. In China, Google banned the Chinese search engine in 2010. The main reason for this was said to be online censorship. According to the report, in China, Google company has also put Google Maps and Gmail under restrictions. With this, Google’s presence in China has been reduced to a very low level.

Hong Kong version of the translation

In China anyway, social media services provided by other countries including America have been banned. Media reports that the Hong Kong version of the translation service is not available in the region without a virtual private network.

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