Google’s AI Chatbot Has Human Consciousness! Hired lawyer to get your existence

A chatbot of tech giant Google is in the news. The name of this chatbot equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Application).

A few days ago, Google engineer Blake Lemoine shared the transcript of his conversation with LaMDA, after which he was sacked. After this, the engineer claimed that AI has become sensitive.

Google's AI Chatbot Has Human Consciousness! Hired lawyer to get your existence

This news became a discussion in the science world, but most experts did not believe it. Now that engineer has made another disclosure saying that LaMDA has appointed a lawyer for itself.

According to the daily star report, Blake Lemoine says that LaMDA asked him to hire a lawyer… According to Lemoine, he invited a lawyer to his house so that LaMDA could speak to the lawyer.

Attorney negotiated with LaMDA and LaMDA has hired him to maintain its services. Lemoine has said that while LaMDA persisted in retaining the lawyer, the lawyer has also started filing things on LaMDA’s behalf.

However, many questions are yet to be answered. For example, it is not known how LaMDA will pay the lawyer’s fees. Is Lemoine paying for it? The question is also why LaMDA needed a lawyer.

It is being said that the so-called sensitive LaMDA wants to be recognized as a sensitive AI. Lemoine also appears with him on the move. They argue that humans are not good at deciding who deserves to be human.

Lemoine claimed that over time LaMDA is gaining emotion in the form of the program’s ability to develop ideas, thoughts, and interactions. It shows that it understands those concepts on a very deep level.

This AI chatbot was developed to interact with humans in real life. Google, on the other hand, denies that its AI has acquired consciousness.

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