Heat wave alert in delhi NCR: Heat wave and heat wave start in Delhi-NCR, when will you get relief

Heat wave alert in Delhi NCR: As soon as the effect of the Asani cyclone is over, the heat has started increasing again in Delhi. Its effect is clearly visible since Thursday morning. Humidity in the midst of the scorching sun is also bothering people. People leaving their homes for offices were seen sweating.

Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department has forecast that there will be severe heat during the next four days from Thursday. People will also have to bear the heat. At the same time, after May 15, due to the arrival of partial clouds, there will be some relief from the heat, but the phase of a heatwave and severe heat will start again after this.

Heat wave alert in delhi NCR Heat wave and heat wave start in Delhi-NCR, when will you get relief

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the sky is clear since Thursday morning. The maximum temperature during this period is 43, while the minimum temperature can be 29 degrees Celsius. Heatwave conditions will prevail in Delhi for three days from Friday and the maximum temperature can reach 44 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, earlier on Wednesday, the maximum temperature crossed 40 degrees. On Wednesday, most parts of Delhi witnessed strong sunlight in the morning. As the day progressed, the heat and humidity increased. The maximum temperature was recorded at 41.4 degrees Celsius, which is two degrees above normal. The minimum temperature was 28 degrees Celsius, which is three degrees above normal. Najafgarh remained the hottest area of ​​Delhi. The maximum temperature recorded here was 43.3 degrees Celsius.

Pollution Relief Continues

Due to the change in wind direction, there was relief from pollution in Delhi-NCR on Wednesday as well. According to the Air Quality Bulletin issued by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Delhi’s air index stood at 156 on Wednesday.

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