Hellscape lava planet rains rocks, will get whipped by supersonic winds

Exoplanet K2-141b lives in an in depth orbit to its star, making it a wild and inhospitable place.

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In the event you ever have to really feel extra grateful for Earth, simply take a second to ponder a few of the really horrifying exoplanets that lurk exterior our photo voltaic system. Take, for instance, K2-141b, a nightmare “lava planet” the place it rains rock.

A staff of researchers led by York College doctoral scholar Tue Giang Nguyen ran laptop simulations to foretell the situations and climate on the acute planet. K2-141b has the misfortune of being situated near its host star. It is also oriented in order that two-thirds of the planet is locked into blazing-hot perpetual mild whereas the darkish facet stays frigid.

The scientists revealed a study on K2-141b in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The exoplanet might host a magma ocean reaching 62 miles (100 kilometers) deep, whereas its floor is buffeted by supersonic winds of over 3,100 miles per hour (5,000 kilometers per hour).

“All rocky planets­, together with Earth, began off as molten worlds however then quickly cooled and solidified. Lava planets give us a uncommon glimpse at this stage of planetary evolution,” stated planetary scientist Nicolas Cowan in a McGill College assertion on Tuesday. 

The pc simulations counsel K2-141b is raining rocks. “On K2-141b, the mineral vapor fashioned by evaporated rock is swept to the frigid evening facet by supersonic winds and rocks ‘rain’ again down right into a magma ocean,” the college stated.

The researchers hope next-generation telescopes like NASA’s much-delayed James Webb Space Telescope will have the ability to take a more in-depth have a look at the exoplanet and inform us if the pc simulations are correct. 

Even when K2-141b is simply half as hellish as they suppose, it is sufficient to make you wish to hug the Earth and by no means let go.

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