Here Are Five Ways The Oppo Find N2 Surpasses the Samsung Z Fold 4.

Oppo Find N2: My experience using The Oppo Find N2 has put in perspective a number of issues with Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 The phone that was my top foldable of 2022 and is at the top of our best phones that fold. Samsung’s foldable phone was kept in my pocket nearly all of the time it was launched, however, Oppo’s more reliable product has made me reconsider that choice.

There’s a difference between the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Find N2 are similar products however the Oppo foldable is more refined and has functions that Samsung is unable to match. In addition, there are some ways in which it’s the Z Fold still comes out in the top spot however, overall Oppo has proven to be in the lead in developing foldable.

Here Are Five Ways The Oppo Find N2 Surpasses the Samsung Z Fold 4.

The newly announced Oppo Find N2 Flip is getting a lot of media attention, and the bigger Find N2 deserves more time in the spotlight, too. We’ve broken down the factors that make the Oppo Find N2 so good in comparison with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, to help you see the areas where Samsung isn’t doing well and where it has to make a move to keep up.

Oppo Find N2 Design

At 5.4 inches with the lid closed, and 7.1 inches when it’s open The Find N2 is possibly the perfect size for folding for the majority of users. It’s large enough to hold the display of an ordinary smartphone interior, and it can carry an entire suite of flagship cameras, yet it’s much more compact than anything of a smaller size, like Galaxy Z Fold 4 or the Honor Magic Vs’ dimensions as well as being a full one ounce lighter than Z Fold on top of the fact that it’s lighter.

The hinge is extremely easy to use and doesn’t produce a squeaky sound similar to that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 does. Find N2 Find N2 offers a similar self-standing feature that’s known as FlexForm also, which is useful if you are looking to watch a film or even make a video call without having to prop the phone against something or something else.

The black vegan leather-backed model is classy and grippy. However, if you want your phone to be more natural it’s got a green glass version to choose from. This is fewer color options than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 but Samsung does not offer any materials apart from the glass back.


Oppo’s Find N2 is smaller both in the interior and exterior in comparison to Galaxy Z Fold 4. Galaxy Z Fold 4, but it’s also broader and more comfortable to use even when the phone is closed. It’s more of an ordinary tablet or phone that is held horizontally when it’s open.

The Galaxy is or is an awkwardly narrow and bulky phone when closed or a nearly square device when it’s open that does provide some advantages when trying to multitask or simply want the biggest possible display on your pocket, but it does make the phone less convenient to carry around.

The display of the Find N2 is a bit different to use as it’s long in comparison to the larger display of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and similar. It makes installing apps complicated, however, once you’ve decided if the phone or tablet mode is best for a particular application, the Find N2 will recognize which one you’ve selected when you next open it.

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The display of the Oppo Find N2 is also brighter as per official specifications, with 1,550 nits in the interior and 1,350 nits on its exterior, in comparison to 1,200 nits Samsung promises for its Galaxy Z Fold 4 (while we measured only 905 nits during our own tests). In our experience, it appears as if it’s the Find N2 is brighter than the Z Fold 4 when they’re in close proximity. However, we’ll need to do some lab tests to verify that assertion.

The hinge and display fold

The biggest question about any foldable’s display inside is what the fold appears like. For instance, on this display, the Oppo Find N2, it’s not noticeable. Oppo has the “waterdrop” hinge design that lets the display fold more gently when folded which means that as a result, you’ll get a bigger but smaller fold. This is more likely not to be able to capture the light than the more prominent fold of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, as well as less noticeable to users who are swiping over the center of the screen.

The hinge of the Find N2 feels more comfortable to use and is also more comfortable to use. It glides smoothly between open and closed and back, and with no unsettling creaking noise which is the case with Galaxy Z Fold 4 produces. Both are able to be used open, so you can place the phone on a table and view things on the top portion of the screen. Or utilize two apps at right angles to one with a right angle to each.

The Cameras

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Find N2 have three cameras at the back. However, the Oppo foldable is a distinct resolution advantage. It also has an additional feature that is Hasselblad color science, similar to other Oppo as well as OnePlus flagships.

Both phones have the same camera with a resolution of 50MP however, The Find N2 produces an overall more vibrant image of the basement bar. It lacks the deep colors Samsung is able to capture in the wood furniture, however.

The same thing happens in this close-up shot of a cappuccino as well as the milhojas slice placed on an oak serving platter. However, this time Samsung certainly overdoes the saturation of colors and makes everything appear too brown-orange for what it is. I would rather use Oppo’s version of this delicious pair of subjects.

The cameras for selfies on the cover displays have a 32MP sensor inside the case of the Find N2 and a 16MP sensor for the Samsung Galaxy Z Folds. I am impressed by the color of both photos, particularly the dark blacks and rich colors of the Oppo photo, though I’m not sure about the smoothing effect it applies to my face.

The selfie camera inside Find N2 Find N2 is a 32MP sensor, just like the external one. Galaxy Z Fold 4 Galaxy Z Fold 4 has an under-display camera of 4MP that isn’t as obtrusive but does not produce as pleasing images.

Samsung’s Samsung selfie shot captured by the camera in its interior is grainy and muted in a color that is suitable to make video calls but it’s not the camera you’ll want to snap selfies with. The Find N2’s selfie is brighter and sharper.

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For telephoto needs for telephoto, for telephoto purposes, the Find N2 is armed with an incredibly sharp 2x 32MP camera which is superior to its Galaxy Z Fold’s 10-megapixel 3x camera resolution but is lacking in magnification. I tested both cameras with both zoom levels while viewing the animated clock and was surprised to find it was the Oppo images are sharper due to the increased megapixels.

In both the zoom image with 2x as well as the 3x zoom picture, the Oppo has a lot of blocker color which is evident in the bezel of the clock. It did lose some clarity when compared with the Samsung images, however.

In this superwide image of a public artwork, we can see that the 48MP sensor of the Find N2 is better at capturing the colors in this photo, especially in the highlights that are visible on the glossy surfaces of the artwork. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold’s sensor of 12MP is able to capture a more vibrant image, which may have some benefits in some shots however, it’s not making the sculpture look better because of the absence of colors.

Some of the competition’s winners are because of personal preference. However, I think according to the test results Oppo has equipped with the most diverse range of cameras.

Battery and Charging

Oppo was a little more generous with the battery of the Find N2 as Samsung did with its Galaxy Z Fold4s. The Find foldable sports a slightly larger battery with 4,520 mAh compared to that of the Galaxy Z Fold’s 4,500 mAh that’s more impressive once you consider the difference in size between the two phones.

After running my battery test on both of the foldables (playing the same YouTube video with a middle volume and brightness for several hours) It was the N2 that took four hours and one minute to use up 30% of the battery when watching YouTube using Wi-Fi in the main display. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 took Galaxy Z Fold 4 3 hours and 13 minutes to use the identical amount.

Oppo is again the winner in charge of speed, too. Its 67W charging capacity can let you see your Find N2 fill up in 45 minutes and 85% within 30 minutes, and 100% in just 43 minutes. This is the Z Fold 4, which is a bit slow at 25W maximum wired charging and only reaches 42% within half an hour. And you do not even have chargers inside the box.

There’s one place where it’s possible that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 scores points which is wireless charging. This is because the Samsung foldable has it and it’s the Oppo doesn’t. It’s a strange thing to leave out of an expensive phone however the wireless charging and battery performance more than compensate for it.

What is the Oppo Find N2 loss to the Galaxy Z Fold 4

Oppo has created a fantastic foldable device with Find N2. Find N2, but it’s not perfect. There are, in fact, many good reasons why you should go using the Galaxy Z Fold 4 after all.

First of all, the Find N2 is available only sold in China in contrast to the global Find N2 Flip. This means that you’ll have slim chances of finding one from your regular retailer or carrier If you are not within China or exporting one.

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This is the other issue with the Find N2: its software. ColorOS performs as you’d expect. Even though it’s not equipped with Google Mobile Services installed, I was successful in getting it running quickly. However, the application isn’t completely translated and has some issues that can make it a bit challenging at times.

Although it’s not a standard feature, the fact that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can be used with a stylus may be extremely beneficial for certain users. It’s not available on the Find N2 so notes and drawings will need to be done using your fingertips.

It’s important to note that Find N2 is a phone that Find N2 has launched several months before it was launched. Galaxy Z Fold 4, Both phones use the old Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chipset. It’s a powerful chip for sure, but it’s not the most powerful technology available in 2023. There’s an upgrade to the Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 chip for Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series, OnePlus 11 and other Android phones.

Oppo Find N2 vs Galaxy Z Fold 4: Benchmarks

In terms of benchmarking In benchmarking, in benchmarking, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is ahead of the Find N2 in testing the Geekbench 5 CPU test, likely due to the more RAM (12GB instead of. 8GB) in the Samsung. However, in the graphics test, The Find N2 comes out ahead and by a substantial amount over the standard 3DMark Wild Life Unlimited test.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Galaxy Z Fold 4 comes to the rescue on a test of the Premiere Rush transcoding test though it is able to finish the transcoding test in three-quarters of the time that it takes the Find N2 test.


Comparatively, with The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, The Find N2 offers a more compact frame, a larger display, and a less obvious fold crease. There is also a better camera, battery life, as well as charging speed. The Find N2 has all of these features, which gives it the Oppo phone an advantage.

The primary problem is that this is an exclusive phone for China, with specific software and apps for China. You’ll likely be able to download your Find N2 using various auction websites as well, and I managed to install Google Play running on mine without difficulty however that does not change the fact that this phone is more complicated than the standard simplified out-of-box setup that comes when you purchase a smartphone that is officially sold in the country you live in.

It’s unfortunate that it’s difficult to convince anyone to consider purchasing one of the Oppo Find N2, but I hope for us buying phones from Europe and the U.S. and Europe, the competition from other countries could encourage Samsung to step up its game or for other large phone makers such as Google and Apple to begin the release of the Pixel Fold or iPhone Flip or iPhone Flip, respectively, to take on Samsung’s position in the market. If you’re not ready to see that happen, and you’re not dissatisfied with a more complex installation process and you should consider the Oppo Find N2 there is ideal if you’re willing to take the time to.

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