Here’s How Fast The BMW M4 Really Is

BMW’s recent efforts in electrification by introducing its plug-in hybrid model X5 as well as the 7-series electric EV that is fully electric have been highly praised. It’s a major step towards an electric future, but it doesn’t take any punches, or make too many sacrifices to provide a reliable vehicle. BMW hasn’t even made unusual or daring choices with its range that could make loyal customers shiver. It’s managed to walk the fine line well.

However, BMW’s slogan and mission statement is centered in “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” In the past the machine mentioned above would be the sleek BMW M3 E30 that everyone loves or maybe an E60 M5 from the mid-2000s with its V10 engine. Nowadays, there are a variety of automobiles vying to be the top contender. One of the most contemporary Beemer could be called that of the BMW M4; it has been able to take over the M3’s position as the company’s performance coupe. There are many versions that are M4s, each more efficient than the other But which is the fastest? Which M4 is the most powerful Driving Machine?


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What BMW M4 Caries The Crown?

The M4 comes in four design variations based on your preferences and the amount you’re willing to pay on the coupe. There’s the regular M4 Coupe, the spicier M4 Competition Coupe, the M4 Competition xDrive Coupe that comes with all-wheel drive and the Competition M4 Convertible, and, finally the extremely restricted M4 CSL. While the exact tune may differ according to the type, the M4s all have an inline 3-liter twin-turbo engine. For maximum velocity, every M4 apart of the M4 CSL comes with an electronically limited speed of 150 millimeters per hour.

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Beginning with the standard 473 horsepower M4 Coupe, it’s able to take you from a standstill at 60 miles/hour in 4.1 seconds. This is fast, however, the M4 Competition with 503 horsepower is a bit faster, by a zero to 60 speeds in 3.8 seconds. The convertible with all-wheel drive M4 Competition xDrive splits the difference by 3.6 seconds. For regular M4s in production, The xDrive Competition Coupe tops the list at 3.4 seconds. The M4 CSL, which has 543 horsepower, is an entirely different beast. It first appears sharper. It is able to accelerate to the speed of a highway in 3.6 seconds. It’s one-tenth slower than the other M4s however it completely destroys the other M4s due to its electronically restricted speeds of just 191 miles an hour.

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