How much has the earth changed in 36 years? Everything is visible in this Google Earth video

Continuous changes are taking place on the earth, this fact is not hidden from anyone. But, if you get a chance to see this transformation in a few minutes of video, then the experience can be better than you can imagine. Google Earth has been one such video of changes on Earth since 1984, in which the revolutionary changes on this planet can be seen with our own eyes. It can be seen how a place looked like 36 years back and how it has changed now. The entire team of scientists and filmmakers have worked tirelessly to prepare this video and have been able to show the world the transformation of the Earth.

How much has the earth changed in 36 years?

Changes are happening every moment on the earth. We also feel the changes. We come to know about some changes through different means of dissemination of information. But, if you see the changes that have happened on the earth in the last three and a half decades in a small video, then it can be a different experience. This is what you are going to experience in a Google Earth video. You can see with your own eyes how much has changed on earth in 36 years. How much change has taken place in water, forest and land? What were cities and deserts like and how do they look now?

use of satellite images

The biggest feature of Google’s YouTube video of changes on earth in 36 years is that it is real. This means there is nothing artificial in it and it is also very effective and we can feel a glimpse of this change on the earth in a very short time. According to, it has been prepared by scientists and filmmakers with the help of photographs taken from various satellites orbiting the Earth.

Photos from 1984 to 2020 included

According to the details given in Google’s own video, more than 24 million different images taken from satellites have been used to prepare it. These changes are from 1984 to 2020. It is clearly visible how the earth has changed during these years. This video is important because just by reading about these changes, we cannot get an idea of ​​its reality as much as we can see it. The changes that have taken place in a particular area of ​​the earth due to various reasons (human or natural) can give us a rough estimate of future changes.

How did the earth change due to urbanization?

While making the video, an attempt has been made to include different parts of the earth in it. In this, special focus has been given to those changes, which indicate the special impact on this planet. For example, for urban transformation, the development journey of America’s famous city Las Vegas has been included. Through this, it is seen what urbanization has done to Mother Earth.

Changes were seen in many parts of the earth

With the help of this video, it can also be seen that due to agriculture, how much change has been possible in nature due to flowers in the Al Jouf desert of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, how the places of Kuwait City which were not attractive before, have completely changed now. His entire landscape seems to have changed, which hardly anyone would have thought before.

lots of work for the future

Similarly, significant changes can also be seen in Greenland and the Amazon of Brazil. As there has been a lot of change in the vast tropical forest of the world, there are some areas that have been successful in preserving nature so far. Overall, this video is a mirror of our mistakes and good deeds in history, by imbibing which we can make strategies for the future, in which progress is not hindered and environment 0 can also be preserved.

Watch this video from Google Earth

Overall, this video from Google is showing the result of human will and its actions. When the earth has changed so rapidly in just 36 years, then how much it is going to change in the coming years, it can only be guessed. Therefore, taking the good things of this video, it is necessary to try to solve the bad results seen in it, because if the earth continues to change its form in the same way, then it cannot be considered an auspicious sign for this planet.

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