How to Best Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets

Duplicates in Google Sheets entries can be added when new data is imported into a spreadsheet or due to a simple human data entry error. Instead of manually checking each line that tries to locate information, remove Duplicate multiple times.

In Google Sheets, you can use a built-in tool, feature, or third-party plugin to extract duplicate data. Read on to learn how to remove Duplicate in Google Sheets.

Duplicates in Google Sheets
Duplicates in Google Sheets

Find duplicates in Google Sheets with the Remove Duplicates tool

Google Sheets includes a built-in tool that will search for sheets based on the criteria you’ve provided.

Note: When you use the Remove Duplicates tool, any Duplicates found will be automatically removed. You will not have a chance to see them before they are removed. If you prefer to review them before deleting them, So you can try highlighting Duplicate in Google Sheets.

  • Open the spreadsheet where you want to search and remove duplicate data.
    -Select the data range in which it means to eliminate duplicates.
    Note: Cells with identical values, but different formats, formulas, or letters are considered duplicates.
    -. Select Data> Remove duplicates. The Remove Duplicates dialog box opens showing the number of selected columns and rows.
    -. Select the Data with header row check box if your spreadsheet data includes a header row to prevent this row from being affected.
    -. Choose the columns you want the tool to analyze by selecting the corresponding boxes. To analyze all columns, select the Select all check box.
    Note: If you select a single cell within a range, duplicates for the entire range will be removed.
    -. Select Remove duplicates. The tool will analyze the data and a box will appear showing how many duplicate rows were found and removed.

Find duplicates in Google Sheets with the UNIQUE feature

The UNIQUE function in Google Sheets returns unique rows from the provided source range, leaving duplicates. The SOLE function returns the rows in the order they first appear in the source range. With this method, you can view and compare both data sets before removing the original duplicate.

Duplicates in Google Sheets
Duplicates in Google Sheets

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Note: Make sure that numeric values ​​are formatted the same way, such as percentages or currency values.
-. Select the first cell in the column where you want the unique rows to be returned.
-. Select Insert> Function.
-. Select Filter> Unique.
-. Enter or select the range you want to use as the argument for the function and press Enter.
-. Google Sheets will create a new column or table with only unique rows included.

Note: If the returned rows seem to include duplicates, look for cells that have hidden text or other differences, such as trailing spaces.

Find and remove duplicates in Google Sheets using a plugin

Plugins are tools created by third-party developers to improve or simplify your experience with Google Sheets. There are plugins available that will find and remove duplicates from your spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

While no two plugins are the same, many include similar features. Learn how to locate duplicate search and removal plugins in Google Sheets and decide which of your needs is best for you.

-. Go to Google Sheets.
-Select Plugins> Get Plugins. The plugins window will open with various suggested tools.
-. Type “remove duplicates” in the Search Plugins field and press Enter. A list of possible plugins that match your search will appear.
-. Select a plugin you want more information about to open the description page. Scroll down to read reviews, or scroll left and right to see screenshots and videos showing the plugin in action.
-. Select Add.

Note: The Add button can have a price or the word “Free”.

-. Select or log in to your Google account if prompted.
-. Select Allow to provide the requested permissions to the plugin.
-. Please wait while the plugin installs.
-. Select plugins to access and use the tool.
Note: Select Help from the plugins menu to get help with the tool you have downloaded.

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