How to Create a Best Google Sheets Template

Google Sheets provides useful templates. When these templates don’t match your needs, create your template in Google Sheets. When you want to share a spreadsheet, create your own template that looks the same with each use. To create a custom Google Sheet template, copy the contents of the spreadsheet into Google Sheets and always keep a copy of the original file handy.

1st Note: The instructions in this article apply to Google Sheets. You need a Google account to access Google Sheets. Sign in to Google Sheets with the account you use to access Gmail or YouTube. Second note: You can also create a template for Google Docs.

Google Sheets Template
Google Sheets Template

What you need for a custom Google Sheets template

Custom Google Spreadsheet templates contain information specific to the spreadsheet you created. To create a custom template, start with a spreadsheet file. It contains the information and the format you want to use in the template.

Create a spreadsheet file in any spreadsheet program, such as LibreOffice or Microsoft Excel. You can also create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets from scratch or from the template gallery. Just open one of those templates and edit it as needed to fit your project.

Google Sheets Make a folder for custom templates

To keep your custom templates organized, create a folder that will contain only template files.

  1. Open Google Drive and go to the root folder (the top folder and not a subfolder).
  2. Select New> Folder.
  3. In the New Folder dialogue box, enter a descriptive name for the folder, then select Create.
  4. The new folder appears in the list with the other folders on Google Drive.
Google Sheets Template
Google Sheets Template

Add your template to the folder

To add your custom template to the newly created folder:

  1. Open the template folder you created.
  2. Select New> Google Sheets to create an empty spreadsheet to be used as a template file.
    Note: If you select from a template, the Google Spreadsheet Template Gallery is displayed. You cannot upload a template or create an empty template from the template gallery.
    3 Open the spreadsheet containing the data you want to use in the template and highlight its content. To select everything in the spreadsheet, press the key combination Ctrl + A or Command + A.
  3. Select Edit> Copy to copy the expanded content. Or press Ctrl + C or Command + C.
  4. Open the empty spreadsheet you made in Step 2 and select Edit> Paste to paste the contents of the spreadsheet. Or press Ctrl + V or Command + V.
    Note: Select the cell you want to paste into. For example, if you copied everything to a worksheet, select A and the square of 1 on the left to highlight the entire worksheet, then paste the contents of the worksheet.
  5. Enter a descriptive name for the template.
  6. Select the Google Sheets icon to return to Google Sheets.

Use your custom templates

When you want to use this custom template to create a new spreadsheet, make a copy of the template file before making any changes to the original template file. If you edit the original template, you won’t have those unaltered templates available for future use.

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To make a copy of a template, right-click or tap and hold the template file, then choose to Make a Copy. Then rename the copy and move it to another folder so you don’t accidentally edit the template

Duplicate entries can be added when new data is imported into a spreadsheet or due to a simple human data entry error. Instead of manually checking each line that tries to locate information, remove Duplicate multiple times. Read on to learn how to remove Duplicate in Google Sheets.

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