How to Optimize Your Solid State Drive With SSD Fresh for Windows.

Contemporary Solid State Drives have the capacity to be several times better than optical drives. They’re faster, quieter, and don’t have to be defragmented. However, even though defragging won’t make the SSD perform better, there are methods to improve and keep this kind of drive on Windows.

How to Optimize Your Solid State Drive With SSD Fresh for Windows.


What Is SSD Fresh?

SSD Fresh is a no-cost tool that is designed to assist to manage and optimize Solid State Drives. This includes M.2 drives. It is possible to install SSD Fresh from Abelssoft and many other app software libraries.

Along with changing as well as tweaking the SSD for improved performance In addition to tweaking the SSD for better performance, as well as tweaking the SSD for better performance, SSD Fresh app makes it easy to monitor the system settings that could decrease the lifespan of your SSD. You can also choose to upgrade to the Plus Version, which offers you background security and warnings for errors.

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How to Optimize Your SSD Automatically With SSD Fresh

Once you’ve installed and launched when you have installed and started the SSD Fresh app, you will be presented with an overview screen. This page will provide information regarding your drives, like size, partitions, as well as temperatures.

  • SSD Fresh shows the current level of optimization, and also the number of optimization steps currently in operation.
  • Simply click on the Optimize Automatically button and let the application take care of the rest.
  • In a matter of seconds, all the optimizations are used. A new efficiency rating will be shown.
  • If there is several SSD installed on your system You can change between them by clicking the icons located in the center column.
  • Once you’ve switched, you’ll have to click again to optimize the new SSD.
  • After you have optimized all of your drives, it’s an excellent idea to restart your computer. It is possible that you will notice improvements in performance.

If you do not see any performance increase It might be one sign you know your SSD is on the verge of failure. Click the S.M.A.R.T. Data button located on the Overview page to access the complete self-monitoring and monitoring data.

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How to Manually Optimize Your SSD

The application is extremely efficient in determining the actions that can improve performance and prolong the life of your solid-state drive. If you encounter issues with optimizations, you can turn off or deactivate the optimizations manually.

  1. Start your SSD Fresh app and click the Optimize Manually button or the Optimize tab located at the top.
  2. There is the list of available optimizations in the right column, each having an on/off button.
  3. A lot of the actions, like disabling defragging, are meant to extend the life of the drive. You can learn more about each optimization prior to you deciding whether or not to enable it. disable it.
  4. Before making any modifications, you must click the Create Backup button prior to making any changes. If you discover that the changes are having negative consequences you may reverse to the previous backup using Restore Backup.

Using SSD Fresh’s Live Analysis

This Live Analysis tool lets you see the top ten active processes in real time. It can be used to keep track of which processes are using the largest storage resources. It’s also a good method of determining if optimizations had a positive impact.

  • Choose the Live Analysis tab and click the Start button.
  • The process with the most write and read activity will be displayed in a list below a graph showing the overall SSD writes.
  • The Live Analysis can be run Live Analysis for as long as you’d want. If you’ve gathered enough information then click on the stop button.
  • The previous 7 analyses you have completed are saved and are listed under on the button to start. Click on any saved analysis to view the most active activities.
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Optimize Your Drives With SSD Fresh

Solid-state drives aren’t typically required to have the same amount of maintenance that optical drives do. However, this doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically be configured to be the most efficient. SSD Fresh gives you an easy and speedy method of optimizing your SSDs and ensure that they last for as long as they can.


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